Things you need to know when buying your first Aquarium

Woman in the aquarium watching the fish

At first, fishkeeping may appear to be nothing more than a fun and uncomplicated hobby. But in reality, especially if you are only at the beginning of your adventure of being an aquarist, you can come across obstacles that will be very difficult to overcome without a certain level of skills and knowledge. Thatís why itís important to learn more about the subject and check different options before you even buy your first fish tank.

You need more than just an aquarium

Of course, buying the actual fish tank is a good first step, but you need to remember that keeping fish is not just about placing fish in the water. You need to create the right environment for them, and plants as well, to be able to survive. And in order to do that, youíll need help. Among the things you should get is a suitable filter to help you clean the aquarium (remember that the size of the filter should correspond to the amount of dirty water it needs to filter), a heater, and sufficient lighting. Getting the necessary equipment can increase the costs, but buying products from reliable sources, like Aquael UK, is always a good investment that will help you keep your aquarium in good condition.

The size of your aquarium does matter

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but taking care of a bigger fish tank is actually less complicated than maintaining a small one. You have to keep in mind that fish are living creatures that eat, breathe, and create waste – and all of it influences the condition of the water they live in. The smaller the aquarium, the faster the toxins can accumulate and, in effect, negatively affect everything that lives in the water, be it the fish or plants. Larger amounts of water dilute the waste, thus you donít need to change it so often. As mentioned above, the size will influence the type of equipment you should use, but it’s also important to include this factor when choosing the fish you want.

Not all fish get along

Like every other type of animal, fish tend to get bigger as they grow older. Many people ignore this fact and add many fish at the very beginning without considering how much space they will have available in a while. Not to mention that a bigger number of fish means more waste, so youíll either need a more efficient filter or youíll need to change the water more often. But thatís not all, because the breeds of fish are not only divided into two different categories: the saltwater fish and the freshwater ones. Even within the same group, some breeds are more territorial than the others, and they may not function too well in a crowded aquarium. Thatís why the decision to add a specific breed to your fish tank should always be well-thought-out.

Fishkeeping is all about patience

When you set up your own aquarium, you cannot expect great results right away. When it comes to fish and water, itís not a very fast-paced world. The water needs some time before itís in good enough condition to house your fish, and the fish need time to grow. If you find the concept of being able to observe the slowly changing environment confined within your fish tank fascinating – itís definitely a good hobby for you. But if youíre just looking for an interesting decorative addition to your home, it may be better to consider getting an aquarium with just plants, maybe even artificial ones, that demand a lot less maintenance and responsibility from you.

Donít rush and take your time when deciding on the size and type of aquarium you want. And make sure to choose the right place for your fish tank, especially if youíre buying a bigger one, you donít want it to stand in a way.