Things to Do to Take Care of Your Dog Once They Get Older

older Dogs

Use belly bands for dogs

When there comes a time that you fear your dog might urinate somewhere in the house, you can use a belly band for dogs to eliminate that worry. A belly band works as a diaper. It has a band on the outside, and it wraps around the dogs midsection, which encloses his private parts. The band prevents the urine from escaping, and is collected inside it. When the time comes to clean your pet, throw the liner away and use a clean one. In case the outer part is also damp, it will need  washing, and for that time, you can use another belly band. That is why it is advised to buy two at once, in case of emergencies, and you do not risk the hygiene of your house, as well.

Regular exercise

A daily routine of exercise is necessary for a dog, so he can maintain his ideal weight, and get all the benefits of exercise for his overall health. You can consult a vet to recommend a program of exercise and diet that suits your dog in his old age. Do not make them run the first day you begin their exercise . Begin by building their stamina. Take them on walks and jogs, then slowly as they have the stamina, you can take them on a run. But as the dogs grow old, they hardly ever run. The maximum they can do is a jog. However, regular walks are beneficial for them, just as much as they are for people, so they are important in a dogs daily life.

Regular vet checkups

It is important that dogs visit their veterinarian  regularly to make sure  they are healthy. As dogs get older, their immune system gets weak, and they are prone to many diseases. The vet checkups every  six months will guarantee that there is nothing wrong with the dog, and even if there is something wrong, it will be caught before it has advanced. Therefore, not having irreversible damage, and treatment simpler and less costly, which can happen, if you wait until symptoms appear.

Regular grooming

When dogs get older, their coat becomes dull and brittle, and their fur is no longer shiny or very attractive anymore. Older dogs can get skin irritations, and that can become even worse, if the dog owner does not groom the dog often. The dog owner should brush the dog regularly, and use proper shampoo  when washing their pet, so that their skin and coat do not become shabby; rather, they look and feel fresh at all times.

Spend time with your dog

The most important of all is to spend time with your dog. Do not make him anxious by ignoring him. Dogs can sense these things, and so the best thing you can do for them at this point is to spend time with them, and enjoy every moment that you have with them. Your dog needs to have your presence around him, so take him on a walk, play with him and give him treats. Share the love that you both hold for one another. Treat your dog like your best friend, and you will get that love and attention reciprocated.

Image credit: Older dogs via Teresa Forbes/Shutterstock