How to Choose the Right Crate for House-Training

Dog walker with dogs in park

Designed to help dogs have control over their surroundings, crates training relies on house training to teach your dog how to handle itís surroundingóespecially when you are not around. The technique capitalizes on your dogís natural instincts to have a warm, clean, as well as a comfortable den. With proper enclosure, your dog can easily develop total control when it comes to going about his/her usual business. However, not all crate training kits work efficiently. You need to choose the right kit. Use the following guide to choose the right crate training kit.


 When purchasing crate training kits, consider units with strong structures. Of course, you can invest in soft-sided crates. They are light as well as easy to carry. However, strong puppies can demolish them easily. In particular, they can chew the screen. Thus, itís advisable to invest in a metal and plastic unit when it comes to training puppies in a crate. This is because these materials can withstand sharp-toothed based assault.

Evaluate Your Pooch

Dogs arenít the same. They have different characteristics. Itís normal to find dogs behaving differently in different crates. For instance, shy dogs love relatively dark, but well-ventilated dens featuring a crate in the front. On the other hand, metal-based ventilation with overall ventilation can do better for snub-nosed breeds such as bulldogs or pugs.


Donít purchase a crate that constricts your dog. Go for one that allows it to stand, move, and lie down. However, donít for a crate thatís too big. Too much freedom isnít good. Remember, smaller crates can cramp down your dog and make it uncomfortable.

Use Padding

Comfort is another important aspect you should seriously think about. For instance, if your crate doesnít have any padding, it will be too cold. Consequently, your dog wonít sleep comfortably. To make your dogís crate cozier, add a pad. There are different types of crate pads out there. Plus, they come in different sizes. So, you wonít miss an option that suits your crate. Also, remember to choose crate pads that come with waterproof plastic based covers. Plus, if you can find pads that have machine-washable synthetic wool, it will be nice. It will protect your puppy in case of an accident in the crate. Also, choose a pad with a material thatís hard to chew.

Think About the Future

If you want to get a big crate for your puppy, go for one with a metal divider. Remember, your dog is likely to grow in the future. Thus, your puppy wonít be able to chew the divider. At the same time, you can use the crate in the future once your puppy grows bigger.

The Bottom-Line

Control is an important aspect of petsóespecially dogs. Every dog desires a clean, comfortable, and decent den. Thatís why you need to choose the right crate training kit for your pooch. The above guide will help you choose the right crate training kit for your dog.