Harmful Foods You Should Never Give to Your Cat

Cat food

Even though you perceive your cat as a cute fluffy creature, you are dealing with a real predator. Back in days, they were hunting their victims and killed them without any further ado. That’s why their teeth and gut are used only for raw meat.

There was no porridge or other stuff in their environment. And they consume grass only with a medical purpose to purge their organism, so plant-based meals are a weird and unusual thing for them. You can say that cats were domesticated many years ago, so they should already be used to all these changes. Yes, but evolution is a stubborn thing, and it can take many centuries to change at least something.

However, domestication has weirdly affected cats, so many of them have become adventurous eaters who don’t mind trying something from your plate. And you, as a person who chooses the best food and toys for cats, may give in to their begging. And since you are responsible for your pet, you should know what “human food” must remain banned.


You might be surprised to run into alcohol on such a list, “Who would pour a glass of alcohol to a cat? It is just ridiculous!” It is so but only at first glance. Your fluffy thief may try to steal meat that is marinated in wine, or you can decide to give it a small piece. However, even a very small amount can make it get drunk. A cat’s liver is a relatively sensitive organ that is not designed to process toxic substances at light speed. So, it’s not surprising that food poisoning is so common among cats compared to many other animals. If such a situation is on repeat, it may result in big health issues since your cat will become an ordinary alcoholic.

Chocolate and cocoa

While you cannot imagine your morning without a piece of a chocolate cake, you should never share it with your furry friend since chocolate contains a substance that is toxic to animals. Even a small amount can lead to hyperactivity, neurological issues, and make your pet suffer from thirst. And in a few hours, you may notice that your cat vomits or has diarrhea. And if you give your cat a big piece of chocolate cake, for example, it may lead to heart attack and even death if your cat suffers from some heart issues.

Coffee and tea

Some cat owners are amazed at how much their pets like to drink milk tea or coffee. They think they are on the same wave with a pet, so they are ready to share their drink. However, you shouldn’t forget that caffeine is a huge stimulant that affects brain activity, and its consumption may result in hyperactivity and some mental issues. Thus, if you want to be “on the same page” with your furry friend, choose a safer option.


They talk about the benefits of avocado consumption here and there, emphasizing how much it is important to include it into your diet. They are right, actually. Nonetheless, this info doesn’t apply to your cat since avocado is a source of toxins that cause various health issues, for example, gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting, and even death in some cases. Your pets may like its oily texture, but you should never feed them with it.


On the Internet, you may run into videos where cats eat raw potatoes with huge pleasure. However, it is not funny since a cat takes poison right in front of your eyes. Potatoes are a great source of oxalates that negatively affect digestive, nervous, and even urinary systems. Farm animals often suffer from these issues. Someone may say that cooked potatoes are safe, so there is nothing to talk about. But don’t forget that a cat’s gut cannot digest starch, and often its consumption results in bloating. Some super-premium pet food manufacturers do not comment on why their products contain potatoes.


People talk about the negative effect of milk here and there. Many have even replaced it with vegetable analogs. However, some continue to treat their cats with milk even though most of them cannot digest lactose. Its consumption leads to unpleasant consequences for your furry friend. The situation can be partly saved if you start choosing milk with an extremely high-fat content or just treat your cat with cream a bit. If you have provided your cat with a proper diet, and it gets enough pure water daily, then the consumption of milk is useless, at least.

Raw eggs

You should know that it is not a way out to treat your cat with raw eggs when you don’t have some other food for it, and you don’t want to bother yourself with cooking. Eggs are a big source of an enzyme called avidin that may lead to a deficiency of vitamin B, resulting in skin and fur problems. Besides, don’t forget that eggs of poor quality can bear the risk of salmonella contamination, and it is dangerous not just for your pet but also for you.

Fish Daily feeding of raw fish to a cat causes a deficiency of vitamin B. You may notice that your pet has lost appetite, suffers from dizziness, or even tremors. The situation will not change if you replace raw fish with cooked ones.