Buddylabs Inc. Launches Buddydoc, a Preventive Pet Care App That Can Save You Money This Year

Preventive Pet Care App

The number one thing veterinarians often suggest to keep your pet free from unexpected health risks, operations, high vet bills, etc. is preventive pet care. Introducing Buddydoc, Buddylabs has released a smart symptom checking tool for cats and dogs that help pet parents stay on top of their petís condition before anything severe may start to develop. Many of us pet parents sometimes rely on the mindset that waits to take our pet to an animal hospital when our petís condition worsens to a certain point. With Buddydoc, the CEO suggests that you will never have to wait to be able to know when is the right time to take your pet to a vet. 

The veterinarian-approved preventive pet care app provides immediate feedback on over 150 recorded pet symptoms. Valuable feedback includes 7 different levels of pet triage to inform pet parents which symptoms require immediate medical attention versus a little extra rest and care at home, general advice from licensed veterinarians, possible differential diagnoses, and recommended examinations. Users can expect to have a slew of new tools to assist their pet parenting journey, whether you are new to pets or a veteran at raising pets.

In a recent nationwide study, approximately 28 percent of households with pets, or over 25 million pets, experience a high entry barrier to veterinary care. The average pet parent who does take their pets to an animal hospital end up racking up hundreds of dollars of avoidable pet care costs. There the CEO of Buddylabs discovered a problem he aimed to solve with an early preventive pet care platform. Buddylabs plans to establish itself as a staple in every household with a pet by 2023 with services that improve the popularity and accessibility to animal preventive care.

The app allows for quick general checkups and symptom assessment for common illnesses found among cats and dogs. Users can also check the food toxicity of hundreds of food items to avoid or feed their pets, ask a veterinarian questions directly in the app forum page, keep reminders for important appointments and medication, and other features to help make pet parenting easier.

About Buddylabs

Buddylabs was established in 2022 and now has an in-house team of dedicated developers, graphic designers, and marketers in collaboration with a team of over a dozen veterinarians. Buddylabs goal is to target the shortcomings of face-to-face treatment with a high entry barrier and provide pet parents access to life-enhancing veterinary tools. Buddylabs is pioneering a new category of pet telemedicine coined early care, which encompasses a new practice of early pet triage at home or in the waiting room. For more information on Buddydoc, visit the Buddydoc website at: https://www.buddydoc.io/symptom/

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