Benefits of Registering Your Service Dog

Service animals are lifesaving, providing a range of benefits for any physical and emotional disabilities. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to register your service dog in the eyes of the law. However, going through with the registration process will bring you many benefits.

Here is where to register your dog, but you might need a little more convincing if you’re not sure registration is worth the time and effort. Read on to learn why you should register your service animal and the benefits the process will provide.

1. You get physical documentation

Eliminating the hassle of having to prove that your pet is a service animal is the number one reason why getting registered is so helpful. A huge amount of effort can be saved when businesses and other individuals have the evidence in front of them in the form of official documentation. It details the reasons why you need a service animal and proves that the animal is trained to provide a service for you.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), any establishment should allow you to take your service dog with you having that written out documentation with you will make it easy to show any establishment that you’re within your rights to bring your service dog/animal with you.

2. Keeping your dog safe during any emergency evacuations

Your paperwork comes in handy should any emergencies occur. If you have official documentation on you which proves your dog is there to provide a service for you, rescue personnel will be able to efficiently reconcile you with your animal. 

3. Avoid discrimination in housing

There’s less chance of harassment when dealing with housing when you have physical documents to explain why your animal is with you. 

Many landlords aren’t aware of the ADA. If you’re interested in a property, but pets aren’t allowed, showing the landlord your official documents will save you unnecessary explaining. 

Some might give you a hard time regardless of your rights. Should your landlord prevent you from bringing your dog on the property, even after you show them official documentation, they’re in direct violation of the HUD Fair Housing Act. You can tell them this with confidence and the paperwork to back it up.

4. Makes traveling easier

Having official documents on you means that traveling is a lot easier. Most airlines will ask for you to present documentation proving that your service animal is trained and present to assist you. Having your service dog registered will mean you can hand over these documents- the hassle of bringing your animal onboard with you will be less likely.

5. Helps your animal stay focused

Anyone who pets your dog, not knowing that he/she is there to provide a service, may end up distracting your animal. This is common should your dog not be wearing any ID kits. 

Registering your service animal will ensure your animal gets a full ID kit to distinguish him/her as an animal providing assistance. It makes people around you aware, so you’re less likely to get approached.

To wrap up

Your service dog is an important part of your life- not only are they a companion, but they’re there to provide a service and make sure that you are safe and protected. 

Registering your service dog offers up huge benefits, preventing you from explaining why your furry friend is with you. Official documentation allows you the benefit of being backed by the law. It provides evidence and ensures that the people around you are aware and sensitive to your rights.

Overall, registration is quick, hassle-free, and offers great benefits to you and your dog.