Adorable Top Up with TelPug


What better choice to be your top up companion than a pug mascot? TelPug, your go-to mobile recharge partner, boasts a happy black pug as its mascot, and it shares many similarities to the breed that inspired its name. 

These smush-faced, grumpy-looking pups are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Their compact bodies, wrinkly faces, and big eyes endear them to dog lovers everywhere. How could you reject that face? To make the idea of mobile credits a little more fun, the company has recruited the help of its mascot to make mobile recharges a joyful experience. 

If you love pugs as much as we do, here are some similarities between the pug and TelPug

Pugs Are Low Maintenance 

If you want a cute, pint-sized dog that won’t take too much effort to look after, pugs are the pups for you. Lack of shedding and low-to-medium energy levels make them ideal for dog lovers who don’t lead active lifestyles. These easy-go-lucky dogs are naturally low maintenance, a trait it shares with the brand. Just as dog owners don’t need to exert too much effort to look after pugs, Telpug’s website gives users a convenient and hassle-free experience. 

Pugs Are Observant 

Don’t let their cute, grandfather faces fool you—pugs can be pretty smart. They might not be border collies, but they are observant dogs who always keep an eye on their owners. Those giant puppy dog eyes have a purpose after all. In the same way, TelPug is just as observant about its users, making sure to design its website and platform to fit the needs of customers. The clutter-free, straightforward interface of their website is proof of this. 

Pugs Are Reliable

One of the most charming personality traits of pugs? Their dependability. These pups are loyal to the bone and their loyalty won’t waver, no matter how many treats you wave under their squished noses. For thousands of years, they were bred to be the lapdog companions to royalty, so their reliable nature isn’t so easy to erase. Like pugs, TelPug aims to be the dependable mobile credit partner to users around the world. At this user-centric company, customer needs and behaviors always come first.   

Pugs Get Along With Everyone

With their charming personalities and adorable mushed up faces, it’s understandable why pugs get along with everyone—because everyone loves them back. Unlike certain breeds, pugs do well with other dogs, just like the company works well with its 1,000+ telco, industry, and business partners. With availability in over 100 countries, the company clearly works well with everyone too. 

Pugs Have Big Dog Energy 

They might be cute, but pugs suffer from the “small dog syndrome”—aka, “big dog energy.” Small as they are, pugs pack a punch with personalities that vastly outweigh their actual size. They might be pint-sized, but they act like they’ve got the stature of dobermans. Meanwhile, TelPug might be a small business, but its services give off the same vibes. It doesn’t matter how much mobile credit you need to send, or how far the recipient is from where you are—they will get it done, no matter what.

Telpug makes mobile top up fun

Mobile top up with Telpug is always fun, easy, and secure. Head over to www.telpug.com and see it for yourself!