6 tips to get a Puppy to Sleep through the Night


The puppies are very cute animals that needs lots of care and attention from their owners. They are little babies who are completely dependent on their owners for everything and they need full attention from you to grow up in to a healthy and a happy adult.

The puppy is a sensitive organism that needs your attention and also they need to be sent to sleep. In this article we will discuss about the 6 tips in order to get a puppy to sleep through the night as we need to take care of them.

6 tips to get a puppy to sleep through the night

The 6 tips to get a puppy to sleep through the night comfortably, the tips of making the puppy sleep through night are listed as below:-

1. Exercise your puppy

Try to exercise your puppy as much as possible so that they can get tired and this will help your puppy sleep. Let your puppy exercise so that they can live happy and also a healthy life. You need to keep them busy throughout the day so that they do not have time to do anything at night due to their tiredness. As exercises and other physical activities will make them too tired by the night time and you will notice that your puppy will directly do to sleep at night without fussing all around.

2. Peaceful sleeping environment needs to be created

You should be able to create a soothing and a peaceful environment for your puppy to sleep so that they can sleep and rest without any sort of disturbance at night. You need to fix a place for their sleep so that they know where they have to doze off when they want to sleep. Try to create a comfortable environment for them to sleep so that they feel like sleeping in that place and there should not be any sort of noise while you are taking them to sleep. If everything is calm, peaceful and silent at night and the place of sleeping is also comfortable the puppy will sleep there without creating any sort of hassle.

3. Choosing the right crate

You need to choose the right type of crate for your puppy for sleeping, where they can sleep comfortably without any sort of hassle. The type of crate that you should choose for your puppy should be hindering your puppy’s sleep and also that would let them sleep throughout the night. You need a crate that is covered from all sides because if a puppy knows what is going around them they will not be able to sleep properly and will find it really distracting and you will notice that they are creating a fuss for you all. Even a covered crate will help in blocking the light from the puppy’s eyes which help them to sleep even more properly. You will notice that puppy will enjoy its sleep and will also sleep throughout the night if it is not disturbed by anyone.

4. Do not answer their barking and whining at night

When the puppy is barking or whining at night in order to grab your attention do not attend them or go running to the location where they are sleeping because then they will think that whenever they will whine or bark, they will get the attention from you. Do not tolerate this kind of behaviour. If this barking or whining takes place in the middle of the night and you will attend them every time they do so they will do it regularly and will develop a habit of doing this. So in order to train them and so that they sleep through the night you need to ignore this bad behaviour of your puppy and let them bark or whine, you should not attend them. After some days they will stop doing all this and will be back to their normal self and would realise that there is no use of barking or whining during the night time.

5. Train them for a proper sleep routine

The best thing for making a puppy sleep through the night is that they should be trained properly in a manner that a proper sleeping routine is made for them. This sleeping routine should be followed by them without any sort of hassle and this can be only done if you will train them accordingly and you are investing proper time and energy on them. They will definitely listen to you if a daily sleep routine will be followed and this will be followed throughout the life and your puppy will also grow up in to a dog which will be trained to follow this sleep routine.

6. Food and water should be fed at proper time

You should feed the puppy with food and water not exactly before going to the bed but at least 3 hours earlier than that so that they can have a proper time to go to the toilet before going to the sleep. If the puppy is not able to eat at the proper time, then there are chances that they will not have a proper time for going to the toilet and they will wake up during the night time and this will disturb their sleep. So you need to feed them with water and food at the right time, so that the can have proper sleep through the night without any sort of disturbance in between.

These are the various tips that you should follow when you want that your puppy should sleep through the night without any sort of disturbance and also without creating any hassle for you.


The puppy is dependent up on their owner for everything, so you need to take care of them and give them a comfortable and a happy life, so that they can enjoy their stay with you. The night sleep in very important for them and also for you so you need to be making them sleep comfortably throughout the night without any sort of disturbance.