6 Great Ways to Help Keep Your Dog Warm


Just because dogs have a coat of fur around them, it doesnít mean that they donít get cold. Just like us, dogs donít like cold, even though they have thick coat of fur around them. They, too, want to stay inside where it is warm and comfortable.

There are even some dog breeds where they still feel cold despite being inside and having a coat of fur. This is why it is our job as a dog owner to make sure that they are always warm, especially during the winter seasons or if you are living in colder regions, so we can keep them healthy.

Here are some ways on how to help keep your dog warm:

  1. Understand Your Dogís Tolerance to Cold

The first thing you should do is to have a better understanding about your dogís tolerance to cold. As mentioned above, there are some dog breeds that can last for hours and hours outside even if itís snowing, and there are also some that will still feel cold even though they are already inside a shelter.

You see, dogs have different tolerance against cold. Dog breeds such as huskies and malamutes can spend more time outside during winter, while smaller dog breeds such as chihuahuas can only stay outside for a very limited time.

2. Dress Your Dog

If your dog has low tolerance against cold, it might be a good idea to dress them accordingly whenever you go outside. Smaller dog breeds, especially those ones with less fur around them may need some help in keeping themselves warm when going outside.

Remember that if you feel cold going outside, your dog feels the same way too. Have them wear a dog sweater, dog coats Canada, or a jacket before going out so theyíll have some protection against the cold weather.

3. Groom Your Dog for the Cold Weather

Another great way to keeping your dog warmóespecially during cold weatheróis to groom them appropriately.

Grooming may not be applicable for short-haired dog breeds as they may need an extra layer of synthetic clothing to keep them warm during the cold weather. But as for those dog breeds who can grow their hair long and develop a natural layer of extra fur, youíll need to groom them properly. Hair, especially those around the paws, can accumulate dangerous amounts of ice and snow which can be bad for the dogs, so make sure that they are properly trimmed.


4. Donít Leave Your Dogs Outside for Too Long

While itís a good idea to keep your dogs exercised during the cold weather, you canít afford to let them stay outside for too long. You shouldnít allow your dogs to stay outside for extended periods of time, especially if the weather is especially cold.

During cold days, limit your outside trips. If you are going to walk your dog, be sure to keep it short so your dog will not feel cold. Keep in mind that dogs canít handle extreme temperatures, so donít leave them outside when itís snowing really hard.

5. Provide a Shelter

If you canít keep your dog inside and loves to spend more time outside during the winter season, make sure that you provide them with a properly insulated doghouse or shelter. Every dog needs shelter whatever the weather is, so if you havenít made one before for your pet now is the right time to do it.

The shelter should not be too big or too small. It must also be properly insulated so the dog can stay warm when they stay outside.

6. Give Them a Blanket

Another great way of making sure that your dog is warm especially during cold nights is to give them a blanket. A blanket will give them protection against the cold, hard floor as they sleep.

While youíre at it, make sure that the bed of your dog is raised off the floor and is protected from drafts. You can try using a plush-covered reflective pet mat, which can help keep your dog warm as it reflects their own body heat and give them extra warmth.

Keep in mind that the ground tends to draw out the heat from whatever that sits above it especially during the cold weather. As a solution for this, make sure that your dogís bed must be elevated off the ground.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when itís cold outside is to not let your dog stay outside for too long. Always think about your dogís well-being whenever you go outside because if you feel cold, your dog is cold too. You have to care for them all the time, especially during the winter season where the temperature can severely drop.