How to Take Screenshot on Windows

A Screenshot is an image which is taken of anything displayed on your screen. Here, in this article, we will tell you various methods of taking a screenshot in Windows.

You can easily take any screenshot on different platforms, and same applies for Windows. It comes with an in-built option that works great in case of basic tasks, but there are many third-party programs that provide more features and ease of use.

Method One: Taking Screenshots with Print Screen (PrtScn)

On the keyboard, Print Screen button is there which can take a screenshot and save it as a file, or take a screenshot without copying it in a file or even take a screenshot of just one window instead of the whole screen. This print screen buttons can be labeled as “PrtScn”, “PrntScr” or anything similar(Highlighted in Image). In the case of most of the keyboards, this buttons is usually found between F12 and Scroll Lock. When you press this key, a screenshot is saved to the clipboard.

Saving Screenshot as a File

By pressing “Windows logo key + PrntScn,”(Highlighted in Image), you can save a screenshot. For tablets, and laptops you may have to press different buttons which would be mentioned in the manual that comes along with them.

The screen will get dim for few moment and then a screenshot will appear as a file in a folder which is entitled as Screenshots, present inside your “Pictures” folder. The screenshot will be labeled with a number all by itself.

Taking Screenshot Without Saving

By pressing the “PrtScn” key, a screenshot will be copied to the clipboard. Then you have to open any image editor or word file where you wish to use the image. By choosing Edit>Paste (Highlighted in Image), you can paste the screenshot at the place of your choosing. The dimensions of this image will be same as that of your desktop resolution. In some cases, the buttons need to be pressed may be different. So it is better to see the manual to know about saving this screenshot.

Taking Screenshot of Only One Window

First, you have to click on the title bar of the window which you wish to capture. Then you have to press “Alt + PrtScn” (Highlighted in Image). A screenshot of your current window which is active will be copied to the clipboard. Then you have to paste that image into your favorite image editor. Similar to other screenshot methods, the required keys to be pressed may vary from computer to computer, so it is better to take help of a manual that comes with your computer.

Method Two: Taking Screenshots with Snipping Tool

The Snipping tool has been part of the Windows for quite a long time. This tool was introduced in Windows Vista, and it remains the same. This tool can easily take screenshots of any open window, a rectangular area, or a free-form are or even the entire screen. You can easily annotate your snips with various colored pens or even a highlighter and then save it as an image or email it to your friend.

In the case of Windows Vista 7 and 9, you won’t be able to capture screenshots that consist of mouse movements. In Windows 10, snipping tool comes with a “Delay” option which will provide you the ability to capture screenshots pop-up menus and even tooltips. By opening the Snipping tool, you then have to click on Delay. From a drop-down list, you have to click on the number of seconds you wish to wait until your screenshot is duly taken.

Now you have to select which type of snip you wish to make by clicking the arrow next to “New”. You can also choose any of the four types of snip, namely, free-form, window, rectangular, and full screen.

Unlike a regular snip, the screen won’t fade out immediately. Instead, you will have whole 1 to 5 seconds depending on the delay you prefer, to set up your screenshots. You can also use this time to open pop-up menu or tooltip you wish to capture. After the time has elapsed, the screen will freeze and fade out so that you can take a snip.

Method Three: Using Keyboard Shortcuts along with Game Bar in Windows 10

Almost all of the Windows 10 comes with game DVR capabilities, in order to record gameplay footage along with taking screenshots of Windows PC games. The Game Bar creates a screenshot in PNG format and then save the file in “C:\Users\[ username]\Videos\Captures.”. Before starting to use this Game bar, you have to launch the Xbox app which comes with Windows 10 open its settings. Under the “Game DVR”, you can toggle to “Take screenshots using Game DVR” and assign any keyboard shortcut you wish to make.

To make a screenshot, you have to press the keyboard combination “Windows key + G” in default case and then click on the “Yes, this is a game” box when it is prompted. Now after this, you have to press the “Camera icon” or “Win + Alt + PrtSCn” to take any screenshot.

Method Four: Taking Great Screenshots with Snagit

All the above-mentioned Windows’ in-built methods come with their pros and cons. If you wish to take a lot of screenshots and more flexibility than the in-built tools, you can certainly choose a third-party tool.

If you wish to buy a tool, then Snagit by Techsmith is one of the best tools that makes the task of taking a screenshot, quite easy. It comes with lots of features that allow you to target any specific window, take region snapshot and even capture the entire text of scrolling windows like different web pages.

With this, we end our list of various methods to take screenshots. Do let us know, which method you liked the most and also mention your reviews and suggestions in the comment section below. We are eagerly waiting for your views and in case you have any other method, then let us know.