Sleep is the Best Meditation, Try it with a Good Mattress


A good night’s sleep is the one necessity which is soon turning out to the most important part of our lifestyle, especially owing to the pace of our lives. In today’s world a mattress which aids in sleeping better is not a luxury but a must-have. Millennial and working adults all over the world are opting for durability and comfort when it comes to mattress shopping, and are not shy of spending a few extra bucks.

“For something that you’re going to sleep on every day for 10 years, you want materials that are durable and high quality. And most likely, you won’t find good materials that can withstand daily uses for under $1,000,” Michael Magnuson, the CEO of mattress website goodbed.com tells Good Housekeeping magazine. Buying the perfect mattress can be a tricky business, especially since you have to know what’s best for you. Different people have different sleeping patterns, and you must know what kind of mattress will help you sleep better. A good mattress is like a smart investment, and you need to figure out your priorities.

If you want the bounce…

A lot of people do not like beds which bounce too much or are too soft and cushy. If you’re buying second-hand mattress, you don’t usually have to worry about it being too springy, but if you’re buying a new one, spend some time on it. The bounce of the mattress almost always disappears in the first few months of constant usage, and so you need to choose a mattress at Urban ladder which is durable and comfortable too.

People who weigh more prefer more gauge support and interconnected coils which make mattresses more durable. Opt for a strong well-quilted mattress, and when it becomes thinner, just add some feather beds.

If you want a sturdier, less spongy mattress…

Go for Memory foam.  Memory Foam mattresses are a smart bargain, especially since they are incredibly durable. They are less springy and do not sink all the way down when you put your weigh on them – and many people want that. Memory foam mattresses are all about the foam densities, and you need to talk to your mattress seller about it. According to experts, the density of memory foam can vary between 2 to 6 inches.

Memory foam is highly recommended by several orthopaedic experts for people with bad backs. The mattress comes in a mouldable material which is supposed to complement individual temperature and weight and thus help in “pressure relief” which most people look for.

Remote controlled mattresses

Mattresses which you can adjust with remotes sound perfect but you need to be cautious while choosing one. Since you can control the air within them, you need to make sure it’s the right kind of firm. They usually have side-by-side rubber chambers which help in controlling temperature.

If you want something really firm

Sometimes doctors prescribe sturdy mattresses with no bounce, to rest your back or to fix any given bone ailment.  If you’re looking for the least bouncy bed, go for the smart open-spring mattresses which are made with a long piece of metal wire, moulded into springs. The mattress is a smart buy as it is cheaper and provides a structure to your body. People who use open-spring mattresses have unanimously agreed that they sleep better in them. The one con of these mattresses are that they need to be replaced more often as it gets hard with time. You need to seek the pressure relieving advantages before deciding to purchase a mattress. The medium firmness is the best option because it ensures proper spinal alignment, reduces toss and turns and eliminate motion distribution. mattresspicks.com has expert’s suggestions where you can gather relevant knowledge regarding such mattresses and concerning things.

If you want luxury

A luxe mattress on which you are ready to splurge can only mean – pocket spring mattresses. They not only offer a lot more support and comfort than regular spring mattresses, but also have several categories, depending on their firmness, and you can decide on how bouncy you want it to be. These are made with fine springs housed in a individual fibre flap, which gives it the ultimate finesse.

Made with the most breathable material, these mattresses are a great option if you don’t know what you want, and you also have a partner whose preferences you are not sure about.