Proper Functional safety measures in Automotive Production

Safety is the most important point that has to be taken care of in any kind of production unit. ISO is the house or the head that takes care of such safety measures in any production house.

There are various certifications issued by ISO that claims whether a production house for a particular product is safe or not. One such type is the ISO 26262 certification. It claims to take care of the safety measures held in an automotive production house.

The certification was started in the year of 2011 and is concerned about the production and designing of the electric as well as electronic products of the Automotives.

The certificate

The certificate is mainly titled as Road Vehicles Functional Safety. This particular certification is only for the electric and the electronic parts of the automotive and not the other mechanical parts. It deals with the production, design; integration, validation and also everything till the date of the release of the automotive.


The certification mainly deals with the functional areas where risk is very much involved. The main concept here is to assess the hazardous operations in the production of the automotive. The proper safety measures are taken during the designing and production so that no such failure takes place in the released automotive in terms of control system, hardware or in any other way.

The training is provided to all the staffs involved in the process of automotive production. The proper method of the training involves some of the most important parts such as vocabulary, concept phase, product development at system level and hardware level and then software level, operations and supportive process, analysis and safety integration. A person who has completed all these stages and steps properly are provided with the certification to certify that he or she is expert in Function Safety of automotive production.

Goals of ISO 26262 certification

The only concept of the ISO 262626 certification is not the safety, but there are a number of other goals that the certification attains while training.

  • Provides method of safety lifecycle of the automotive. The lifecycle consists of the management process, development method, production of the product, operations, service provided and decommissioning. It also aims at providing training of other required activities that may come complimentary during the lifecycle.
  • It also provided training in the other safety measures that are function such as the design, specifications, integration, implementations, configuration, verification and then validation.
  • It provides the training and methods of understanding the determining the classes of risk. The risk approach is measured through the Safety Integrity Level.
  • It uses methods and processes that helps in knowing about the items that may be important in case and also in different risk related situations.
  • It provides the proper method to get a proper validation along with confirmation so that it can be made sure that a level of safety has been ultimately reached.

Similar to any other industry, safety is also required in case of the automotive production industry. ISO 26262 offers the perfect way to maintain the safety with proper methods.