Nextiva Fax Review

When it comes to online fax companies, Nextiva Fax contains a complete set of features required to send fax online. This service provides the ability to send faxes to email to five recipients simultaneously. Recipients can be either email addresses or fax machines. When you have to send a fax, the primary recipient should be a fax number and any email address you wish to send it and can later be included to receive the copy of the fax.

You can also access copies of incoming and sent faxes from anywhere, even on your smartphone. This allows you to monitor your faxes from any location. This service also offers mobile fax alerts and also has an email plug-in for Outlook and Outlook Express, which make fax management simple and easy.

Its interface is among the most difficult to navigate. In hands-on-tests, in order to send a fax, one has to enter login information into two separate sections of the online portal before gaining access which consumes time. The viewing of the online dashboard is quite small when accessing on a mobile device which makes it difficult to read received faxes. It also lacks a mobile app to send and receive a fax, so you canít check or send fax easily.

This service also doesnít provide adding a digital signature to your faxes. It also doesnít offer international faxing.

Nextiva offers a monthly page limit of total 500 pages for incoming and outgoing faces and charges inexpensive overcharge fees of 3 cents for every page thereafter. You can choose from monthly payments to an annual subscription to the service, As annual subscription costs less, you can also cancel it at any time of your choosing and get a refund of rest of the months you didnít use the service.

This service automatically converts your faxes into TIFF or PDF files before sending it to your online account portal or email inbox. This internet fax service keeps your sent and received faxes stored for up to one years in the online portal before deleting them automatically. But in case you have faxes sent to your email account, those faxes are saved there until you decide to remove them.

One feature that this service lacks is the ability to block spam messages. This particular function is quite helpful in reducing undesired incoming faxes that could decrease your monthly per-fax limit.

This service does provide Toll-free and local fax numbers. It charges a $4.95 per-month fee for about 800 numbers. This is unusual and different from the majority of online fax service as this feature is mostly the part of basic monthly subscription fee.

Talking about its customer service, Nextiva Fax ranks well. Meanwhile, its FAQs page is quite short, it does have an extensive online knowledgebase. The website also has a lot of information and hence it is quite difficult to navigate sometimes. Its online chat feature is quite helpful and does provide you answers quickly.

In addition to the online chat, you can also get connected to personnel through email and telephone which are quite friendly and knowledgeable. It also has a user guide, and it also offers a free trial for you to test this service before you choose to buy it.

So, we end our review at this point. Do let us know about your experience with this service in our comment section below by posting your views.