How is the Internet Fun for You on Your Mobile?

Mobile phone has become so important in our life since its birth that we cannot even think of spending a single moment without it. Mobile phone has changed the entire face of communication in recent years. Apart from only making or receiving call or smsing we can now click pictures, maintain diary, daily expenses and manage a number of application using a mobile phone. We can even access internet through our cell phones now.

Internet is a place where billions of people come to enjoy regularly. More than half population in the world access internet either through the desktop or laptop or through their mobile phones on a daily basis. With the development of Blackberry, iPhone, Androids we have reached an era where we are far better informed and communicated than earlier. Could you ever imagine that the mobile you have bought due to an emergency are now reminding you of your appointments or helping you in checking mails or chatting with friends and family members.

Apart from serious tasks, internet can offer lots of fun to its users. Internet becomes fun when after a long and hectic working hours you get connected with your friends and start chatting.

Not just phone calls: Though the basic purpose of a mobile phone is to make and receive calls. But SMS also provides you with the opportunity to say a simple ‘hello’ to your near and dear ones even if you are busy. It somehow connects you with the person you are smsing instantly. A number of mobile service providers are now offering add-ons that are included in their regular subscription packages. These allow the users to check and compose mails instantly and do some basic internet browse. You can set alarm tone so that you can be notified once you get a mail.

Click and share: This probably is the most exciting feature a mobile can offer. Today while buying mobiles people first serach for the quality of the camera inbuilt with the mobile set. Untill few days back people were crazy over digital camera for photography. But now a good quality mobile phone offers the same features and quality which are available in a digital camera. Resolution of a mobile camera can be lesser if compared to a digital camera, but the most amazing feature is, you can share the pictures with others immediately after clicking them. Mobile phones allow its users to send the photos to anybody you want from their phone. A number of service providers even offer web photo albums as well as the software that allows the user to put the clicked pictures into the albums. On the other hand, you can also store the photos in your computer as you do while using digital cameras with the photo software provided by the phone manufacturer and the USB chord or bluetooth connection.

Social Networking: Now, if you do not have a PC at home or do not carry a laptop while travelling somewhere you do not search for the cyber cafe to access Facebook or twitter. All that you need to have is a mobile phone that has internet connection. Now you can start social networking through your phone. You can chat with your friends, upload and share photos, videos or make new friends through the social netwoking sites.

Entertainment: A mobile phone with internet facility can allow its user to download wallpaper music, ringtones according to their choice. There are many users who are satisfied only with downloading ringtones. They want more like music files and video files. A good quality mobile phone can also meet their demands. Now we can even watch a whole movie online on our phone. Apart from these, the most exciting feature can be game downloading option. Users can download a number of games supported by their phone either for free or paying a few bucks. If not downloaded, you can play the games online also.

It is not all about fun and entertainment. Professional who are unable to carry laptops but are still needed to be online 24×7 can best understand the importance of having internet on their mobile. Most of us do not leave home without carrying our phone. Phones like Blackberry, HTC or iPhones can easily serve the purpose of a laptop. Smartphones like these offer standard PDA features such as spread sheet, calendar, calcular, voice recorder, video calling, word processing software and many other features which are the basic requirements. Many of these smartphones offer QWERTY keypad which are similar to the keyboard on your PC or laptop.

If you are a student and preparing for the exams like SAT or others then you can take help from your mobile phone. These exams are extremely tough and need a lot of hard work to get qualified. A mobile with internet connection can offer you preparation tests applications for these exams and you can study anywhere. These applications are easy to manage and save your valuable time. As this does not require telephone or cable connection you can surf internet even if you stay at college campus.

Though many kids or teenagers who use mobile phones frequently misuse this facility by visiting malicious websites or playing games all the time which can be harmful for their studies. As there is no such facility of using parental control in a mobile like PC, most parents are unable to track the mobile activities of their children.

Mobile is no more a mean for communication. It has become one of the best business, management and entertainment tool. Now we can talk, study and play games on a single phone. Developers are manufacturers are trying hard to develop such phones that meet customer’s demand and match their lifestyle. Mobile phones are getting equipped with latest technologies, updated software, applications and features with each generation. But at the same time the mobiles should be developed for everyone, for a technologically sound person or a layman. Phones should be easy to handle and user friendly. These are probably the reasons why mobile phones have become our best friends and the main source of entertainment.