What is GST, GSTIN. How To Register & What is GST ARN Status? Know Everything & Be Informed!


When everyone is talking about the GST that has been implemented by the Indian government there are many of us who still do not know about it. The Goods and services tax has been implemented for the betterment of the economy. Let’s get to know about what exactly this GST is and how to apply for it. In this piece, you would understand everything about GST, GSTN, ARN, and more. Also, check out everything about GST ARN Status.

What is GST?

GST is an indirect tax that has absorbed many of India’s Indirect Taxes. On 29 March 2017 Congress enacted the Goods and Service Tax Act. The Act came into force on July 1, 2017; India’s Goods & Services Tax Law is a complex, multi-stage, destination-based tax levied on any added value. Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax imposed on the purchase of goods and services, in simple terms. The legislation also repealed many of India’s existing Indirect tax laws. GST is one indirect tax on the world as a whole.

The tax is levied on every point of sale under the GST system. Central GST and State GST are paid for the intra-state transactions. Integrated GST is paid for inter-state transactions.

Now let’s try to understand the concept of Goods and Service Tax–”GST is a multi-stage, systematic, destination-based tax that is imposed on any added value.”

The journey of GST in India

The GST journey started in 2000 when a draft law committee was set up. It took Rule 17 years to grow. The GST Act was passed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in 2017. The GST Act entered into force on 1st July 2017.

Advantages of GST

The Cascading impact on the sale of goods and services was largely eliminated by GST. Removing the cascading effect changed the cost of the goods. Because the GST system reduces tax, the cost of the products is falling.

GST is also largely powered by technology. Both tasks such as enrollment, return filing, reimbursement request and notification response need to be done online on the GST Portal; this speeds up the processes.

What changes has GST brought in the economy?

Any customer including the final user paid tax on sales under the pre-GST system. This tax is called the Cascading Tax Impact.  GST has eliminated this cascading effect because the tax is calculated only on the value-added at each point of the ownership transfer.

By eliminating the indirect tax barriers between states and incorporating the country through a uniform tax rate, this indirect tax framework under GST has increased tax collection as well as boosted Indian economic growth.

What are the different components of GST?

Under this program, 3 taxes apply CGST, SGST & IGST.

CGST: Collected by the Central Government on an intra-state selling (e.g.: Maharashtra transaction) SGST: Collected by the State Government on an intra-state sale (e.g.: Maharashtra transaction) 

IGST: Collected by the Central Government on an inter-state sale (e.g. Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu)

Now when we know about GST let’s get to know about the GST arn status:

What is ARN? Step To Understand GST ARN Status!

ARN is an abbreviated form of Application Reference Number which is a specific alphanumeric code that is created automatically when the applicant seeks GST registration. ARN lets the claimant monitor the status of their application form for GST registration and recognise whether it is being denied or approved by the GST authorities.

After 15 days of use, a GST registration form is treated, yet you can check the status of GST registration online on the official GST website. With the aid of the ARN number one may check the status of the GST registration status. To test GST status, understand and obey the well-structured list listed below.

  • The ARN number under GST reflects the reference number for the query.
  • After submitting the GST registration form, the GST ARN number is automatically generated on the GST website.
  • Thus ARN number resembles an application form number that is provided to candidates as a symbol for GST registration proof that is used to verify GST registration status.
  • This number could then be used to track the status of the applicant for GST registration until the government issues the GST Certificate and GSTIN.
  • It is advised that taxpayers hold their ARN safe as it will be used in different ways when monitoring the status of the ARN figure.

Outcomes when you check GST arn status

It’s not necessary to get the GST enlistment status for any of the applications submitted by candidates. There may be cases where the officer dismisses the application or the official keeps it. This may be attributed to the need for more information or clarity on a number of issues etc.  A total of 6 different outcomes are there when you apply for a GST arn status:

Type Delegated to GST Officer: This GST ARN status occurs at the moment the GST application is delegated for review and acceptance by the GST Officer. Remember that this status does not mean that your requirement for registration with GST has been canceled.

Pending for clarity: The above-mentioned GST ARN status arrives when the GST officer asks the claimant to provide clarification on the application for GST registration submitted. And in this situation, the petitioner shall submit the explanation as soon as possible on the GST Portal.

Statement Filed–Pending for Order: This designation occurs when the petitioner submits a statement against the GST officer’s aggravated concerns. Howsoever, the GST officer hand also puts the application for approval on pause.

Explanation not submitted–Pending for order: This ARN designation occurs when the claimant refuses to provide the explanation to the GST officer within the specified period of time. And there is a high probability that the appropriate GST officer would deny the applicant’s GST registration application.

License Accepted If the claimant achieves this certificate after monitoring the condition then this indicates that the GST Officer has accepted the license for GST registration. Once this rank emerges, the claimant will soon obtain GST identification number (GSTIN) along with shortly approved GST registration.

Request Rejected This GST ARN status occurs when the GST official refuses the GST Registration request. In fact, if the claimant chooses to file under GST, he /she will re-send the GST Registration Form.

Documents required for GST ARN status

Evidence of identification and address is provided by directors or associates. It is important to note the structure of the business entity Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Articles of Association (AOA), Certificate of Incorporation, Corporate Organization Alliance Deed PAN Card.

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How to check GST ARN status?

When the applicant collects the GST ARN, the GST Registration status may be monitored on the GST Portal using the GST ARN. To verify GST ARN status the complainant must obey the measures mentioned below:

Step 1: visit the GST portal

Step 2: click on the services tab and then click on the registration link

Step 3: once you are on the registration page, click on the drop down menu and go to the track application status

Step 4: You will be routed to a new page after clicking on Monitor Application Status, where you need to type the Application Reference Number (ARN). You need to click on the SEARCH button after this to monitor ARN status. 

By now you must be clear about the GST arn status now let us further discuss more GST

Goods recommended for exemption

Supply of gold to Gold Jewellery product exporters by Approved Companies.

Profits obtained by the Government from the sale of gifts received by the Emperor, Prime Minister, Governor or Chief Minister of a State and public servants, whose profits are used for public or charitable purposes.

Vehicles transported under the Customs Convention on the Temporary Importation of Private Road Vehicles (carnet de passages-en-douane) for temporary purposes will be exempted from IGST and Payment Cessation.

GST registration

Any retailer of products and service provider who allows a taxable supply in a financial year with an aggregate turnover of over Rs.40 lakhs is needed to get GST registration. The gross turnover requirements in special category states are set at Rs.20 lakhs. Simply put, any company whose taxable supply of goods or services is subject to GST (Products and Service Tax) and whose revenue crosses the threshold of Rs. 40 lakh/20 Lakh as applicable shall be required to register as a regular taxable individual. The registration process is called GST registration.

GST Registration Number or GSTIN is a 15-digit identification number assigned to each person filing for a GST Registration certificate. GST number is based solely on Pan Number and State Code. The first two digits reflect the state code and the other 10 digits represent the customer’s pan number, one digit represents the company code (like property or relationship etc), one digit is blanched.

Who should register for the GST?

  • Individuals listed under the Pre-GST Act (i.e., Excise, VAT, Service Tax, etc.) 
  • Businesses with revenue above the level of Rs. 40 Lakhs (Rs. 20 Lakhs for North-Eastern States, J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand) 
  • Casual taxable individual / Non-resident taxable person 
  • Supplier’s agents & Import service provider 
  • Others pay tax under the reverse payment system Individual selling tax.

Documents required for GST registration

  • Single proprietorship company-the proprietor’s Pan Card and Address Evidence.
  • Alliance Group–Firm’s Pan Card with Certificate of Deed and Partnership Id & Partners I d & Proof of Address.
  • Private Limited Company or One Person Company –Pan Card of the Company, COI, MOA & AOA of Company and Board Resolution with Directors Id & Address Proof.
  • For LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)–Company COI & Pan Card and Deed + Partners I d & Address Proof

Some common problems faced during GST registration and GST arn status

If GST detects invalid temporary Id and password while logging, then first clear the browser’s cache. That is, erase the background of your surfing. Sign in again to the GST website. You will get the name of a token of 10 digits. If you get a token number of 9 digits so place the 0 ahead of you. If this question returns to you then please contact the GST Helpdesk.

If you don’t get a One Time Password (OTP) on the registered mobile number, otherwise verify that your phone number isn’t marked with’ Do Not Bother’ because it doesn’t get the call. Please register the’ do not interrupt’ service from your computer, and restart the GST registration process. If you do not have a single password in your e-mail, search it in your spam folder.

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN is a GST number or GST number. A GSTIN is a unique identification number assigned to each enrolled citizen under GST, centered on a 15-digit PAN. You might want to do a GST Number (GSTIN) check as a GST-registered dealer before entering it in your GST returns.

A single person may have several GSTINs, being an assessee under the Income Tax Act for each State or Union Territory from which that individual works. Obtaining GSTIN becomes compulsory when the individual crosses the GST registration threshold by registering himself under GST.

The public information is GSTIN or GST number. Searching by name for GST numbers is an important task that every company working with GST registered taxpayers will conduct to ensure the validity of the seller and the GSTIN or GST amount used in the invoice. Technology has allowed you to search GSTIN from anywhere and at any time, by clicking a button. Check the GST amount before making a deal. On the first look of it, you will partly verify GSTIN or GST number by testing whether the vendor’s PAN number suits the digits in the GSTIN between 3 and 10.

Final verdict

This was a complete guide about GST and the GST arn status. If you are also looking for more details about the GST arn status then you can contact us or can comment on your queries and we will help our best to serve you with the answers.