Best Android Apps that can make iPhone Users Envy You

Apple iPhone v/s Android Phones has been in a age long competition in every aspect, but their are still some applications which exist only on Android platform and they have an envious effect on iPhone users. Let’s see which are those apps.

So the next time you see a friend using iPhone, tell him what he is missing from the Google mobile operating system. Brag about it..

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Make iPhone Users Envious – Android Apps

All the applications below are only on Android platform and not available in iOS App store, Some of the apps are paid with one time fee and the free apps also has paid versions. If you have seen other app which is likely to be in the list, please add it in comments section below, so that we can update the post and add them here in the article.


Use your Android without touching it. You can easily access your phone remotely via web.airdroid.com. Its free and it lets you do many tasks like photo organisation, playing songs and reply your text messages. With paid version you can also access camera and locate phone if stolen or missing.

SwiftKey KeyboardSwiftKey Keyboard

An excellent keyboard application which let users type words with automation. It understand your writing skills and by learning sentences you make, gives you great option when you need to type the same things again and again. It supports multiple languages and their are many themes to change the look and feel of keyboard appearance on screen.

Nova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher Prime

Nova launcher enable your phone to get new launchers i.e new home screen look. It will surely give iPhone users an envious look as iPhone lacks in customising the home screen. With great app icons drawers and animation you can completely turn around the artistic look of your phone screen


Make profiles with your Android phone and automate tasks like launch music app when plugging the headphones and making phone in silence mode when reaching office with location service. It has to be one of the coolest app in the list.

ASTRO FileAstro File / Cloud Manager

As the name suggest it is an free file manager which enables you to make files, move them freely unlike your iPhone which doesn’t have enough privileges to even move the music files. It makes your phone file organisation much more easier and smooth.

Let us know if you know an applications like these, which are only on Android devices and can simply your life.