How To Check The Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage? Airtel Smartbytes Way!


If you are airtel broadband user and are looking for ways to check the Airtel broadband Internet data usage, you have come to the right place. We, here are going to share the ways in which you can check your data usage. Everybody hates it when the connection is lost suddenly because of the exceeded usage of your data. To avoid this, we recommend monitoring data usage regularly. This is where ‘Airtel Smartbytes’ come into play. Airtel Smartbytes acts as your internet manager and helps you keep a track of the data usage. 

It not only helps you keep a check on the data usage but also alerts you regularly on how much data is left out of your monthly plan budget, making it even more convenient. 

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Now, the question that remains is How can one check the Airtel broadband internet data usage using Airtel Smartbytes? 

If you are looking to find out or check the Airtel broadband internet data usage, here is how. To check out the details you can visit the official website of Airtel. Once, you land on the website, all you have to do is click on the broadband menu while using the Airtel Broadband connection and click on the broadband menu. Once, you tap on the broadband menu you will see the option of ‘broadband internet data usage details’. Next, click on it and you will see the remaining high-speed data limit for the month. 

Steps to Check The Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage using Airtel Smatbytes – 

  • Go to the official website of airtel
  • Click on the Broadband menu (make sure you are connected to the Airtel connection) 
  • Click on broadband internet data usage details 
  • A window showing the remaining data limit will appear. 

Note – You can also buy the additional data at high-speed using the same URL. 

To conclude, this is the article for the Airtel broadband internet users who wish to track the airtel broadband internet data usage. We hope that this article was helpful.