8 Reasons To Love Being Single This Valentine Day

Valentine Day, a day to tell our partners how much we love them, to share out feelings towards them. But have you think, what happen with all those people who are still searching for their love means they are single or who recently broke up with their partners. I know if you are single, you may see Valentine’ Day a waste because you don’t have a date or aren’t in a relationship with someone special.

But I love being single because I found eight ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make this day a fun no matter what.

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1) If you’re SINGLE, well, the first important thing to remember is that you’re not ALONE. Go and hit the bars, a restaurant, bowling lanes, pool clubs. Engage in your ability to have an amazing time, no women/men needed.

2) Whether it’s Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp or Al Pacino, rent a handful of his/her movies and spend the night with your ultimate celeb crush.

3) You can organize a secret admirers gifting session by inviting your group of friends. Draw names and then gift each other, this way everyone can have a Valentine.

4) Why not spend some time on yourself as you aren’t spending your time on some guy/girl. Give yourself some credit for how smart/beautiful you are and treat yourself to something special like a new pair of jeans, new necklace or a hair-do at the salon (specially for girls).

5) Well, this is somewhat interesting. Ask a girl/guy friend out for a date and have a tasty meal at a nice restaurant. I will suggest you to play a game by looking around the restaurant at all the couples and guess which ones will last, based on their body language.

6) Be a rebel and ask your best colleague for outing rather than attending meetings or watching other chicks/guys getting gifts.You and your pal can go shopping, take a day trip in any mall and watch chicks/guys out there.

7) Come-on how can I skip that, party at your place. Invite your friends over for wine, appetizers, watch all-time favorite movies, gossiping or best old times you had spent together.To mix more fun, make it a theme party, like everyone wear school blazers or all in black/pink(for girls).

8) This is something serious and you may like this. As you have free time on Valentine’s day, why not share love by helping some peoples like feeding the homeless children or participate in some blood-donation camps or after-school programs. I am sure that sharing your love will definitely bring love back to you. And who knows? You might just meet a cute guy/girl.

So I hope this reasons will help you to make more fun on this Valentine Day and I bet, you will not feel single at all.

Why I love being single ?

  • Cost cutting : Things are getting expensive and girls nowadays are demanding and materialistic. So no need to buy any gifts for girlfriend.
  • Phone Bills : Low phone bills because no late night calls to girlfriend.
  • Don’t Distrub : Busy with work , so no more disturbance from girlfriend.
  • Freedom : Freedom to look around other cute chicks and do a lot of flirting.
  • Annoying Habits : Lets face it all of us have quirks about ourselves that someone else finds annoying. So no need to tolerate girlfriend’s annoying habits.
  • No emotional roller-coaster rides : Singles will surely know what I am talking about, because you must have seen some of your friends riding on these roller-coaster.

My quote “I am single. I am single. I am single, and I am not afraid to say it!