5 Most Bizarre Gadgets for the iPhone

All right, the iPhone Touch b*a and a characteristic a slot for the gadget which looks somewhat uncomfortable, especially if any category of physical activity is implicated.?????? ?? ???????????????? ???????

With the purpose of it is just one of the many bizarre iPhone gadgets that are on the market today. I’ve gathered some of the most bizarre and unusual gadgets for the iPhone. Let us know which one do you like and which one is the most bizarre iPhone gadgets from the list below.

Ball Case

Need to protect your iPhone from everyday cuts and scrapes? Have a soft spot in your heart for testicles? Just feel like your iPhone needs betesticling?

Presenting phone balls…. maybe not a revolution in protective silicone cases, but we think a pretty fun way to show your support for those little fell as that give us so much.

Whether male or female, chances are you have been touched by a pair of balls in your life…. don’t you want to touch me back?

Besides being a real gas at social gatherings, these are great silicone cases. They really fit snuggly, they “nestle to the goods”…


  • Provides a little something to tug on. We play with ’em all the time.
  • Protects your data port from dirt and dust, yet easy to tuck back when you need to connect
  • Soft, grippe silicone case doesn’t add much bulk (well, other than those bulky balls!)
  • If they get dirty, just wash those dirty, sticky little balls with a little soap and water, they will come clean. You had better believe it!
  • Have fun while doing a good thing. Remember, 10% of what we make here goes to fight testicular cancer!

Grassy Charging Station (Hide your rats’ nest of cables with scenic grass)

If you’re a true geek, every type of portable device on the planet is probably vying for the valuable electricity at your home. Unfortunately all those gadgets make a big mess with their power adapters and cables while they suck up life-giving electrical juice. Now you can hide that charging cable disaster with scenic grass.

The Grassy Lawn Charging Station provides you with realistic artificial grass to cushion your gadgets while they charge. A compartment underneath hides all of the power adapters and cables. Simply run a standard extension cable into the bottom of the base, plug in all your power adapters, and then snake the charging cables up through the grass. Voila! Your gadgets will think they’re on a charging vacation.

Product Features

  • Charge your gadgets and hide the unsightly cables with grass
  • Artificial Grass on the top, compartment for holding your cables and power adapters underneath
  • You provide the cables and adapters
  • Works with any small device with a charging cable
  • 11″ x 7″ x 4.35″

 Brick Phone Case

Remember Zack Morris from “Saved by the Bell”, and his infamous brick phone that he carried around, the one that made him the envy of all his friends? Well, now you can turn your sleek iPhone into one of those bricks, but sadly, people will probably just point and laugh instead of giving you a thumbs up.

Hand Case

The hand case may seem like a nifty idea at first, but having a hand always in your pocket isn’t the best of ideas, and could be awkward at times. I guess walking alone; hand-in-hand under a perfect moonlit sky really isn’t so bad after all, if you’ve got one of these.


The Hugvie is a cushion in a minimalistic human form. It contains a pocket into which you can put your mobile phone, transforming it into a physical communication medium. The shape of this huggable cushion is based on the Telenoid robot developed by Osaka University’s Professor Ishiguro.

It contains a micro -controller and vibrators which match the characteristics of the caller’s voice, so people can have a richer communication experience when talking on the phone with loved ones.

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“The two vibrators produce a throbbing sound like a heartbeat. That pulse can get faster or stronger, depending on the volume and tone of the caller’s voice. We’ve used several rules like that to create the pulsing sound.”

“When we gave Telenoids to seniors, most people hugged them like this when they talked to the other person. The Telenoid has various capabilities, but in its simplest form, it could just consist of a cell phone and a soft, cuddly object shaped like a person. We think this could be used by families and lovers, as well as by seniors and children.”

The Hugvie is available for about US$60 from Vstone. The Vstone Robot Center in Akihabara is also holding the H. Ishiguro Design Show, from today until May 27, featuring robots and other items designed by Professor Ishiguro.

“R&D is important too, but we’d like to spread the message that, for robot researchers, it’s vital to think of new designs. That’s the purpose of this design show.”

“We’d like to develop this into a robot with an internal frame. We could build in lots of vibrators and special sensors, so that when you hug it, the other person’s robot moves as well. So far, I don’t think there has been a really soft robot. If we make this one a bit more complex, we could create something that really feels like a person while you’re hugging it.”