YouTube is experimenting with a new approach that limits ad-blocking users to watching only three videos

YouTube is experimenting with a new approach that limits ad-blocking

YouTube is conducting a global experiment where users with ad blockers enabled are being notified that they will be limited to only three video views. A pop-up message appears, urging users to disable their ad blockers or subscribe to YouTube Premium to avoid video playback being blocked. YouTube emphasizes that ads support the platform’s free access for billions of users and encourages users to consider YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience while supporting creators.

The experiment aims to encourage viewers to allow ads on YouTube or explore the benefits of YouTube Premium. In extreme cases where users persistently use ad blockers, playback may be temporarily disabled. YouTube takes this action seriously and will only disable playback if users repeatedly ignore requests to allow ads. To minimize disruption during the experiment, users using ad blockers can disable them, enable YouTube ads, or opt for a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube has not disclosed the number of users or regions involved in this experiment. This test follows a previous experiment in May, where YouTube directly blocked access to ad blocker users. It is worth noting that ad blocker detection and requests to disable ad blockers are not uncommon among publishers. YouTube’s Music and Premium services have experienced significant growth, surpassing 80 million subscribers, with an addition of over 30 million within a year, according to Variety.