YouTube adds extra info about Covid vaccines in fact-check panels

YouTube has started adding information about Covid-19 vaccines in a second link to its fact-check panels which are shown below the videos on coronavirus and Covid-19 related themes.

Earlier this year, YouTube started adding “information panels” to videos and searches about COVID-19, directing viewers to authoritative sources in an attempt to combat misinformation about the disease.

Now, “both the links in the panel direct users to information from local health authorities, like the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organisation,” reports CNET.

The change should roll out globally over the next couple of days, according to YouTube.

The panels have already begun appearing in searches and under videos in the US.

“YouTube’s platform has long been criticized for proliferating conspiracy theories and misinformation,” the report said.

The fact-check information panels are one of the tools YouTube has introduced in the last two years aimed at counteracting fake information around Covid-19.