WoW: Legion raids at 60 currently difficult to solo

WoW: Legion raids at level 60 are currently much more difficult to solo
With every expansion, we enjoy new mechanisms and game elements, but also new problems.

A well-known problem here is the problem of scaling, which is also shown very well in so-called “legacy raids”.

As a test by WoWHead shows, level 60 characters suffer significantly more damage in Legion raids but distribute the same amount of damage as level 50 characters.

The next WoW expansion will appear at the end of November. After around two years of Battle for Azeroth, we can now explore Bastion, Maldraxxus and Co. from next week. WoW, Shadowlands attracts with some news – the biggest one is probably the reduction of the maximum level to 60.

So-called “squishes” are nothing new in and of themselves – we have already seen numerous such adjustments in the item level area. However, this was always accompanied by scaling problems. Do you remember the beginning of Battle for Azeroth, when old raids and dungeons became much more difficult? Back then, the scaling in combination with the item and value squeeze caused a lot of difficulties.

As WoW (buy now 14.99 €) Head recently reported, Legion raids with the new Shadowlands maximum level (60) seem to be much more difficult than at level 50. But what could be the reason?

Anshlun from WoWHead dived into the WarCraft log data and was able to bring some exciting findings to light. So there should be a hidden aura at level 50, which increases any spell damage drastically. However, this aura did not seem to be active for him at level 60, which, on the one hand, meant you had to deal significantly significant damage and take more damage.

To get comparable data here, Anshlun tested with a level 60 and level 50 priest against the boss “Garothi Worldbreaker” on a mythical level of difficulty. Here, the magic thought the strike was cast with both characters.
The level 50 priest used patch 8.3. Set with item level 130 as well as Azerite essences and traits. The level 60 priest used item level 190 honour gear.

As you can see in the two logs (level 50 priest vs level 60 priest), the damage figures occurred. Thoughts caused almost the same damage to both priests.
The level 50 priest has 156 intelligence, the level 60 priest 451 intelligence.
The level 50 priest, therefore inflicts almost three times the amount of damage he should do based on his intelligence value.

The crux of the matter is the switch from Battle of Azeroth power systems (Azerite traits, essences). We gain ten new levels, but we lose these powerful effects. Furthermore, level 60 characters suffer significantly more damage, as can be seen in this test. It should be assumed, however, that these scaling problems are not so much due to the level reduction, but rather to the removal of the modifiers of the classes.