Now Take Your Work Everywhere with Panasonic Toughpad

Panasonic Toughpad

It’s been observed that the number of ‘people using rugged laptops as industrial laptops’ has increased gigantically over the last few years.

While there have always been a few individuals buying rugged laptops or tablet for themselves, the traditional customer base has been enterprise oriented. This leads to a commonly asked question. Why this sudden interest in rugged computers by industry consumers and why should you be considering a rugged laptop or tablet for your organization?

The answer is simple – It is rugged. A rugged tablet is a device specifically designed to operate reliably, withstanding strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions – something all mobile workforce demand, right from police personnel to oil and gas field professional.

Why mobile workforce need Rugged Computing?

If you work in an environment that is likely to subject your mobile device to damaging trauma, it’s little risky to use your mobile device for business purposes. For the mobile workforce, business data is vital, and cloud services for the same can’t be over-trusted.

For most companies, lost productivity, lost data, lack of repair and support can be minimized with a rugged tablet, which withstands the harsh condition and lets you experience a reliable and easy data management system.

Panasonic Toughpad – The Next Mobile Computing Device

A leading name in rugged computing, Panasonic meets the military standards of dealing with harsh environmental conditions and electromagnetic interference. Panasonic Toughpad® durable tablets are engineered with enterprise-grade security and can withstand hard knocks, sudden drops, spills, dust and grime to perform in the toughest environments.

Rugged reliability, low cost of ownership and excellent reviews are just a few of the reasons behind the series’ popularity. The high Ingress Protection (IP) Rating indicates safeguards against solids and liquids. Amongst the most popular series models today, Toughpad FZ-G1 is built from a durable frame, shielded connectors, reinforced corners, and other strengthening features.

Panasonic Toughpad
Source: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

While the initial price of Toughpad FZ-G1 may be more than a non-rugged one, the long-term cost is much less. FZ-G1 break down less often, which makes the cost of maintenance less. Less downtime means lower lost productivity costs, fewer lost data hours and fewer repairs. Panasonic’s strong technical support backs this rugged device, subsequently leading to longer life cycles. Longer life cycles mean less need for training, reconfiguring, and integrating new devices.

Toughpad FZ-G1 also lets businesses discover that they need not compromise on ease-of-use, mobility or economy. Whether you’re a soldier in the camp, an engineer in the field, or a top executive in a billion dollar deal, FZ-G1 provides you the power, convenience, and peace of mind that you require.

Different Industries, One Device – Take your work everywhere

In today’s business environment, staying connected is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for doing business. That’s why more mobile workforce is turning to Toughpad FZ-G1 that feature embedded Wi-Fi and optional embedded wireless mobile broadband, delivering the 24×7 connectivity demanded by the hectic, mobile lifestyles of today’s workforce. This device’s small frame and durable hardware make it an excellent choice for business professionals who have to travel quite frequently.

The industrial workforce can rely on their tablets that can be operated even in difficult and challenging conditions. Now, police and fireman who also need a computer in the field can also have their own computation device in the form of industrial rugged tablets like the Toughpad FZ-G1.

Toughpad FZ-G1 is a perfect device for those warehouse and logistic workers who do not want to stop conducting inventory just because their handheld got dropped from 4 foot on the concrete floor. FZ-G1 is a companion for surveyors who work outdoors in all sorts of weather or scientists who want a reliable platform to store and manage data collected in rough, remote areas. FZ-G1 is an ideal tablet for food processors as well, where devices need to survive high-pressure water.

The 10.1-inch Toughpad FZ-G1 pairs the field-tested exterior with the latest sixth-generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™.  Living up to a mobile worker’s computing expectations, it hosts many new features such as a glove-sensitive touch screen, a 28-hour, hot-swappable battery and integrated RFID. Be its intense heat and sunlight or pouring rain and freezing temperatures, the FZ-G1 run smoothly with Windows 10 Pro platform.