Wildfire rages near Arizona-Utah state line

A wildfire was raging about 1.6 km south of the Arizona-Utah state line and has scorched almost 3,000 acres so far, authorities said.

The blaze, dubbed “Pine Holow Fire”, was caused by lightning on Wednesday night and then was fueled by dry grass, brush and woodland, reports Xinhua news agency.

So far there is no report of damage or injuries, but since the scene is not far from the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, the authorities on Thursday evacuated a campground nearby and requested that tourists suspend their trips to the area.

The fire is also threatening prime habitat for the California Condor, the largest North American land bird which nests primarily in caves in cliffs and requires large natural landscapes where they feed and reproduce.

The risk of wildfires is rising rapidly across much of the West because of the recent spell of hot and dry weather that has taken hold in many states.

On Thursday, from Montana to Southern California, a string of wildfires were burning.