WHO chief hopes US will reconsider withdrawal decision

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), said that the COVID-19 pandemic can not be defeated in a divided world and hoped that the US will “reconsider its position” on its decision to withdraw from the world body.

“Now it’s time to work together, it’s time to focus on fighting the virus. So I hope the US will reconsider its position,” Xinhua news agency quoted Tedros as saying said at the Aspen Security Forum via video link on Thursday.

“You cannot defeat this dangerous enemy in a divided world. We need a united world, and the united world needs cooperation and solidarity among its major powers,” he explained.

The WHO chief told the audience that the withdrawal is not just about money, but more importantly by what degree the world can be put together to win the battle against a dangerous virus.

“If there are issues about WHO or the UN system at large, we’re very open for any evaluation or assessment, the truth can be known, and this can be done from inside without leaving the organization,” he said.

In May, US President Donald Trump had announced that he would sever ties with the WHO and terminate funding for the organization.

Last month, the US formally notified the UN Secretary-General of its decision.