WhatsApp has implemented a new functionality that enables automatic muting of incoming calls from unfamiliar or unidentified phone numbers

WhatsApp has implemented a new functionality

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that automatically mutes calls from unfamiliar numbers. This update comes in response to numerous complaints from users in India, where the chat app boasts over 500 million users, about an increase in spam calls over the past few months.

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the addition of the call silencing feature, along with a new privacy checkup option. “For enhanced privacy and control, you can now have incoming calls from unknown contacts automatically silenced on WhatsApp,” he stated.

To activate this option, users can navigate to Settings > Privacy > Calls and select the “Silence unknown caller” setting. While calls from unknown numbers will be muted, they will still be visible in notifications and the app’s call list. This allows users to check later if the call was from someone they know but whose number is not saved in their contacts.

When receiving a call from an unknown number, the phone will only display the number along with the message “silenced unknown number.”

Additionally, WhatsApp has introduced a privacy checkup feature accessible in the Privacy section. This checkup guides users through various steps to familiarize them with different privacy controls, such as choosing who can contact them, managing personal information, enhancing chat privacy, and bolstering account protection. Through this process, users can modify settings like two-factor authentication, group invitation permissions, disappearing message timers, and profile picture visibility.

Last month, WhatsApp implemented backend updates aimed at reducing spam calls for its Indian customers. The company increased its machine learning-based detection capabilities and anticipated a 50% decrease in such calls as a result.