Voting ends in Ghana’s general election

Voting ended in 38,622 polling stations within the 16 regions across Ghana. The voting process generally went peacefully except for two persons sustaining gunshot wounds after a shooting incident in one of the polling stations in Kasoa, west of Accra as well as the tampering of presidential ballot papers in some polling stations in two constituencies which the Electoral Commission (EC) dealt with swiftly.

Ghanaians went out on Monday to exercise their franchise and the electoral commission is expected to record a voter turnout higher than the 69.25 per cent turnout recorded in the 2016 general election, Xinhua news agency reported.

More than 17 million Ghanaians were expected to cast their ballots in the general election to elect a president and 275 members of the parliament.

The EC has assured the public it will declare the results within 24 hours after the end of voting.