Vine Adding Weight – It’s Payday For Instagram?

Vine Adding Weight- It's Payday For Instagram

The first week of July witnessed a great refreshing twist on Twitter’s celebrated video looping app, Vine against the royale competitor Instagram, the online app to share the world.

Okay, let me ask, do you like to see a social media war between two high rated online apps? Just one week back we all watched Instagram’s video launching, bringing up beautiful 15 seconds clips reality. Instagram lovers were over-joyed by the Vid-stagram launch, putting Vine more bothered. Vine took the challenge and few days back, it updated its iOS with advanced features, intensifying the competition with its rival, Instagram. Vine stalwarts, do you accept Vine to flourish against tough 130-million-user giant?

Vine updated the iOS app includes revining of the users vines, giving new touch to the camera, adding more vine genres, etc which is intended to harvest more users on the go. Vine works to get the app update more vulnerable to the existing users as well millions of social media addicts around the globe.

What The Biggest App Update To Offer Viners?

Till date, Vine iOS update is the biggest hit at App Store to be praised off. Okay, let’s see what this Glorious video app update offers the loyalists?

Viners got really something to be happy of its latest camera redesigning by the app update. The camera restyling has made capturing shots just easy for even those hard – vine souls. The new grid option of the camera helps to get the targeted image within the frame without any difficulty. Voila, you get pinpoint images on the frame.

The new feature “ghost tool” takes you to previous shots (without editing) and helps to make a creative grid of stop-animation videos. “Ghost tool” activated Vine users don’t go scared by the name if an actual ghost appears on your screen, it’s just a small “ghost” figure of the previous frame which remains on the screen letting you easily form grids of stop-motion videos on an error-free basis. A platform to encourage budding videographers!

From the added tools and redesigning, Vine update opens new way to explore on its interface with 15 channels, giving you good opportunity to become visible by posting on the Explore screen. You could explore on the videos within given categories instead of going with hastags or other means. It includes music, comedy, beauty, family, health, fitness, sports, etc with respective themes and feeds. What makes things easier? It’s simple; add a category to the video upload you make in Vine and get more noticed as the video go viral. The “On The Rise” category added in vine lets you know the one who is gaining more fame. Who know maybe it could be YOU!

Vine being Twitter’s baby, has integrated its own retweet option where you could post or retweet a video post by clicking “revine”. This option is looking up to gather more followers via Vine iOS app and if particular you could set privacy on your posted Vine videos with whom you share, which was denied at the first.

It is obvious that with the launch of the appealing update, Vine community would show a rapid growth, though the war-ground is bit tough with the release of Instagram’s video. Okay, let’s discuss wise. Vine shots the audience with beautiful video sharing option whereas Instagram lets the world share photos cum videos and it becomes tougher for the analysers to come across a quick conclusion which hits the most online. But at the moment, Vine looking to give a punch payback with next week Android app update on Instagram which is currently not showing any sudden spike with its new video release.

So, let’s not conclude on who wins the battle, rather fingers crossed. Meantime why not we stick to our great social analytics, Topsy and Search Engine Land said, “Only time will tell.”

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