US, Turkish forces bring in military reinforcement to Syria

US, Turkish forces bring in military reinforcement to Syria

US and Turkish forceshave brought in new military reinforcements to their bases in Syria’s Hasakah rovince.

The US forces on Sunday brought military and logistic reinforcement from their bases in Iraq through the al-Walid crossing east of Hasakah to the base in the northern countryside of the province, reports Xinhua news agency.

On September 4, the US forces sent 50 military vehicles from Iraq into Syria through the al-Walid crossing.

Over the weekend, the Turkish forces brought large amounts of military gear through the Ras al-Ayn and al-Sukkariyah crossings in northern Hasakah to their bases in the villages of Bab al-Khir, Daoudia, and Eineq al-Hawa.

Local media reports however, said the entry of military gear by both powers is “a violation of international laws”.

It said throughout the past few months, the US and Turkish forces have sent thousands of military vehicles to reinforce their “illegitimate” bases in northern Syria.

The Syrian government completely condemns the presence of Turkish and US forces as both powers have entered the country illegally and supported various groups against it.

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