Updated Information About Various Aspects Of iOS

There is a good news for all those who had been desperately waiting for the iOS 10 release date. The official details were announced for the first time at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco in the month of June. According to the updates, this version is marked with several changes that are for your good and all the additional features will be available to you for download free of cost.

It will also probably be quite a big update in terms of file size, rumours are saying Apple are going to Skip 16GB models for iPhone 7 with base Storage to Start From 32GB.

However, not to scare you but there are certain features that will require you to cope up with the changes to know its functionality.

Here are few details that might help you to know a little about the operating system:

Release date: To speak on technical terms iOS is out right now. The release of the final version of the iOS 10 will take a little longer because of certain testing errors. It is expected that the stable version of iOS 10 will get released in the month of September along with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

iOS updates

Compatibility: The version will be compatible with the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch provided that you are not using an almost obsolete model of such devices. For those who are using iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPod touch 5th gen then it is time for them to upgrade,†as the mobile operating system will not be supported by these.

Raise to wake: The ancient that is, slide to unlock has been replaced by press home to open. You can raise your iPhone to wake it up.

Notifications:†The notification are available in the bubbles that use the 3D touch. Now you need not dig into the graves of the app to check the pivotal information. All you need to do is hard press the option.

Clear notifications:†Getting rid of all the notification all at once is another benefit offered. You need not swipe away each and every notification. With the help of the 3d touch you just need to hard press the sign in the form of a cross to clear all the notifications.

Water detection:†It cannot be said that the version is waterproof. However, unlike the other versions here you are able to get the message that warns you every time the water is detected nearby.

Live broadcasting apps:†Live streaming capabilities of the Replay Kit was announced at WWDC. With its help, the things are going to get a little more social.

Other updates: Itís quite easy now to edit the pictures K, rich links are being added to the messages. Additionally, WhatsApp calls can be answered from the lock screen. There is also a shortcut to interact with the accessories of your home, for example, a doorbell, by just hard pressing the bubble notifying you an alarm bell and hard pressing it you can get a view of who is standing outside. Apple news, Apple music, and Apple maps are being updated and redesigned for your convenience. Not to forget it will possess a siri≠ influenced quick type keyboard.