UP boy tops in US high school

Mohammad Shadab, the son of a motor mechanic in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, has topped at his high school in the US.

Shadab, who had received a scholarship, said: “Last year, I received the Kennedy-Lugar youth exchange scholarship worth Rs 20 lakh from the US government. After this, I went to the US to pursue my high school education.

“I have worked really hard to top the high school. I was also selected Student of the Month at the school and it was an achievement for me.

“The condition at home was not good and it is still not that good. I want to support my parents and make them feel proud. I am thankful to the Indian government for making me the flag-bearer in another county and choosing me for this scholarship.”

Shadab’s father, Arshad Noor, who has worked as a motor mechanic for the past two and a half decades, said: “We had sent him to the US for his education and I am happy that he topped at the school.”

Noor wants his son to become an IAS officer and serve the nation but Shadab has other plans.

“I want to work at the UN as a human rights officer,” said Shadab.