UN Security Council voices concern over attacks on schools

The UN Security Council (UNSC) has voiced grave concern about the significant increase of attacks on schools in recent years and also the alarming number of children denied access to quality education as a result.

In a presidential statement on Thursday, the UNSC reiterated its strong condemnation of attacks as well as threats of attacks against schools, children, teachers and other persons entitled to protection, reports Xinhua news agency.

It urged all parties to armed conflict to immediately cease such attacks and threats and to refrain from actions that impede children’s access to education.

The Security Council expressed deep concern at the military use of schools, recognizing that such use may render schools legitimate targets of attack, thus endangering children’s and teachers’ safety as well as children’s education.

It expressed concern that girls and women may be the intended victims of attacks targeting schools.

The UNSC condemned the lack of accountability for violations committed against children, teachers and other persons entitled to protection.

It urged UN member states to develop effective measures to prevent and address attacks and threats of attacks against schools, and encouraged them to ensure that national strategic frameworks include comprehensive measures to prevent attacks against schools.

The world body called on member states to ensure that their armed forces and security forces integrate or continue to integrate practical measures for the protection of schools, children, teachers and other persons entitled to protection.

The UNSC also emphasized the need for member states to facilitate the continuation of education during armed conflict.