Two-thirds of Nepal school kids deprived of distance learning

Two-thirds of school children in Nepal are deprived of distance learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to Child and Family Tracker report conducted by the Unicef.

As per the report issued on Sunday, only three out of 10 children have access to television, radio and Internet-based learning platforms, reports Xinhua news agency.

Of them, only 80 per cent use distance learning platforms for their learning activities.

Education experts worry that the vacuum of one year in education calendar is a huge loss for children and the government needs to act swiftly according to the suggestions made by education experts.

The Child and Family Tracker used by UNICEF shows that the poorer the household, the less likely the children can get access or will use distance learning.

The data revealed that only 5 per cent of children in the poorest households have access to and use distance learning.

Globally, the Unicef said that at least 463 million children were unable to access remote learning after their schools were shut due to the pandemic.