Twitter’s CEO has communicated to the company’s employees the importance of reshaping the “global town square” in a memo

Twitter's CEO has communicated to the company's employees

Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s new CEO, expressed her mission to the company’s employees through a memo sent on Monday. In the memo, Yaccarino stated that Twitter aims to become the most reliable source of real-time information worldwide. She highlighted Elon Musk’s successful transformations in industries such as space exploration and electric vehicles, indicating his potential to bring about similar changes to Twitter. Yaccarino emphasized the need to transform the global town square, enabling the unfiltered exchange of information and fostering open dialogue on matters of utmost importance.

Having assumed her role as CEO just last week, Yaccarino brings a wealth of experience from her advertising career at NBCUniversal. This starkly contrasts with Musk’s longstanding avoidance of advertising spending. The partnership between Yaccarino and Musk has generated considerable speculation within the advertising industry. Yaccarino reiterated Twitter’s mission to become the premier source of real-time information and a global hub for communication, emphasizing the company’s potential to make history.

While Musk remains involved in Twitter, particularly in overseeing product development, the company has undergone significant changes under his leadership. Multiple rounds of layoffs and resignations have reduced the employee count from approximately 8,000 when Musk assumed control to around 1,500 as of April. Yaccarino’s memo stressed the importance of genuine belief in the vision for “Twitter 2.0” and the collective responsibility of all employees in achieving its success. She also shared similar messages on the social media platform itself.