Twitter to reinstate “Old-Fashioned” Retweet

Twitter to reinstate “old-fashioned” retweet without confirmation or message. The American firm will relaunch its certification program in January, and will also allow direct identification of bots, for better transparency.

Stopped three years ago, Twitter’s certification process (the famous little blue badge!) Is about to make a comeback. After conducting a consultation with the public between November 24 and December 8, which was also filled with 22,000 responses from Internet users, the social network confirmed, Thursday, the relaunch of the program from January 20, 2021, with some adjustments.

Journalists, Streamers and Sports will soon be eligible for certification.
Among the Internet users’ proposals adopted by Twitter, that of no longer requiring a biography or a banner image was kept for a profile to be considered “complete.” Among the types of accounts that Twitter wanted to open for certification were governments:-

  • Businesses
  • Brands
  • Non-profit organizations
  • News (media)
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Activists
  • Leaders
  • Other influential people

Still, at the suggestion of users, Twitter has extended the “News” type to include journalists. The same goes for the “Sports” category, which now includes e-Sport. The “Entertainment” type is also supplemented to add the creators of digital content, that is to say, the streamers.

Twitter should be less “strict” on the number of subscribers required to access certification. This will be studied by “region”, to be fairer. Respondents also suggested adding new roles in account types, such as scientists, academics and religious leaders. For the moment, while waiting to decide, twitter is not frankly in favour of it, but proposes to include them by default in the category “Activists, leaders and other influential persons.”
Bots and memorial accounts will have their own badge.

Twitter to reinstate “Old-Fashioned” Retweet

As we said, Twitter’s new certification policy will be applicable from January 20, 2021. At that point, inactive or too incomplete accounts certified so far should lose their blue badge. A full account will need to have a valid email or phone number, picture, and profile name.

The new certification form will be accessible from the “Settings” page of Twitter, freely accessible for all users of the social network, from the web version or the mobile version. The examination can both be automated and processed by a human.

Finally, in addition to the traditional certification of accounts, two new badges will appear on Twitter: one will be reserved for bots, which publish and retweet automatically; the other to so-called “commemorative” accounts, for example, a popular account dedicated to a deceased person.

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