Twitter has initiated the process of preventing unregistered individuals from accessing its platform

Twitter has initiated the process of preventing unregistered individuals

Twitter has implemented a new policy where unregistered users are no longer able to access content on the platform. If someone tries to access Twitter without logging in, they will be met with a prompt to sign in or create a new account, effectively blocking them from viewing tweets, user profiles, or threads unless they have a registered Twitter account.

This change affects both desktop and mobile web access. Previously, unregistered users had limited access to the platform, allowing them to view public tweets and user profiles but not interact with them. There was also a window that appeared after scrolling past a certain number of tweets, restricting further access until signing in.

Now, regardless of how users attempt to access Twitter, they are immediately prompted to sign in, preventing any content visibility. Twitter has not yet made a public announcement regarding this change, leaving uncertainty as to whether it is an intentional update or a technical error.

If intentional, this move seems to encourage visitors to become official users and potentially subscribe to Twitter Blue, as many enhanced features are locked behind a subscription. Twitter’s advertising revenue has reportedly declined significantly, and this measure could serve as a means to generate revenue from users opting for premium features.