Twitter Editable tweets are rolling out

Twitter is rolling out the power to edit tweets to Twitter Blue subscribers in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. According to a tweet from the firm, it’ll be coming to subscribers in the US “soon.”

The company has pledged the feature for months and will be exclusive to Twitter Blue.

We witnessed an example of what edited tweets would look like when the league made one of its own. The tweet will appear normal, but there will be a pencil icon next to the date and text that lets readers understand the last time the tweet was edited.

Connecting to the icon offers you a page with the edited tweet and the history of the edits. According to a Twitter support document, the person who tweeted will have up to 30 minutes to make changes and only be able to make five edits.

The company has promised this feature for a while — it announced that it was working on the ability to edit tweets in April, then said it would start rolling the feature out by the end of September. Unfortunately, it did slightly miss that deadline, but given how big of a change editable tweets are for the platform, it’s probably best that the company’s taking its time.

The feature is presently in testing, and it’s in the Labs area of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s $4.99 a month subscription service. Unfortunately, you can only edit specific types of tweets; threads, replies, retweets, and pinned tweets (along with several others) can’t be edited, according to a support document.

Twitter Blue is a monthly subscription delivering exclusive access to premium components to the most engaged people on Twitter. They’re offering Twitter Blue on Twitter for iOS, Android, and web in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Twitter Blue delivers new features to subscribers as they’re available, so some features might not embark on all mobile apps or twitter.com simultaneously. You can signup for Twitter Blue from the Profile menu in the Twitter app or the Profile menu on twitter.com.

Twitter Blue subscriptions are disbursed monthly and priced regionally based on the current US price of $4.99. So if Twitter Blue is available in your area, you’ll find the regional currency price information whenever you sign up for your subscription.

  • Steer to your Profile menu.
  • Choose Twitter Blue.
  • The subscribe key displays the cost per month.

All Twitter Blue subscriptions are non-refundable unless mandated by law. That contains subscriptions connected to Twitter accounts that have been suspended or that you have lost access to for any other reason. In addition, subscription cancellations must be taken out through the platform used to buy the subscription. For example, suppose you bought a subscription on Twitter for iOS; you must carry out your cancellation on Twitter for iOS.

Twitter Blue is an entirely opt-in experience, and these initial features were designed for a specific segment of engaged users. Ultimately the goal is to provide enough value through premium features that people feel it is worth paying for.

For now, there’s a price of operation for designing even more layers to the Twitter experience. However, they want to keep it reasonably priced and make sure you see value in the features that are being delivered. There may be a learning process, and they will monitor for feedback.