Twitch temporarily restricting Chrome Edge Firefox

Twitch has confused its users by restricting browser support to just Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. The issues began when users started encountering errors when logging into the assistance.

Poor transmissions from Twitch have led to confusion following the service, informing that Chrome, Edge, and Firefox are presently the only web browsers officially supported by the well-known streaming platform.

No context was delivered within the announcement, though the restrictions seem temporary and have been positioned on alternative browsers so that Twitch can find and shut down access points used to build masses of bot accounts. Other browsers may still have entries, but cases are being reported.

Twitch Support then handled the situation by requesting users to log in from an up-to-date version of the three supported web browsers and declared that a help article to troubleshoot the issues was “coming soon.”

Twitch CPO Tom Verrilli later elucidated matters on Twitter, stating that the browser restrictions are only a temporary action to combat botnets used in hate raids. “Unfortunately, this is what the work of creating Twitch safe entails. Folks need to use a browser not of their preference today to stop tomorrow’s Hate Raid,” says Verrilli.

Opera GX has assured Twitch users on Twitter that they can still access the streaming platform through its browser, providing they update to the latest version.

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Despite the uproar in the Twitch Support comments condemning the decision to drop official support for other browsers, using an unsupported browser doesn’t seem to block all access to the streaming service outright. Some users report issues such as being incapable of making buys on Twitch using an unsupported browser, and even streamers employing one of the supported browsers are experiencing login errors. However, those using unsupported browsers may still have access to Twitch.

Twitch’s hamfisted communications aren’t accomplishing it any favors. The platform is reducing the revenue breakup of its top creators from 70 / 30 to 50 / 50. It has already soured its image with streamers and fans, making big names like CodeMiko consider relocating to rival services like YouTube. As some of Twitch’s best talent has already bounced ship, it’s in the platform’s best interest to be evident with its updates to maintain its community.