Above 3.5 Lakh Trees To Be Chopped Down In Jharkhand’s Palamau Tiger Reserve

According to recent reports, an estimate of 3.5 lakh trees will be chopped down in Jharkhand’s Palamau Tiger Reserve. The state’s water resource department has already received permission required to chop the trees for the North Koel reservoir, also known as the Mandal dam. The department deposited Rs 461 crore with the forest department for this project.

The construction of the reservoir menace the 3.5 Lakh trees in the area. The environment ministry of the government of India approved diversion of one thousand hector land back in 2017.

“We have sought NOC from the forest department to begin several works including on forest land,” said Mukesh Kumar, chief engineer of the water resource department, Daltonganj.

Credits: Down to earth

According to All India Tiger Estimation (AITE), no tigers are recorded since July 2019. Though the former state chief wildlife warden, Pradeep Kumar opposed the move and said it’ll affect the ecosystem on a large scale.

This is the second case in recent times when for the sake of development thousands of trees are being slashed. Instead of learning a lesson and taking a cue from Aarey Forest in Mumbai, the government has taken this another drastic step. On one hand, the GOI speaks every day about keeping the country clean and saving the environment. On the other hand, they pass orders for deforestation in the name of development.

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