Trains In India Will Be WiFi Enabled In Next 5 Years


According to reports, the Ministry of Indian Railways is planning to enable WiFi service in trains across the country. Currently, the government is providing free WiFi at 5150 Railway stations in India. The ministry plans to extend the service by the end of next year to all 6,500 railway stations in the country.

In the next phase, the ministry plans to provide free WiFi to passengers in running trains across the country. In a statement, Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal quoted ” It is a more complicated technology subject. Giving WiFi in running trains requires investment… Towers need to be put and there has to be equipment inside trains. In this, we might have to bring in foreign technology and investors”.

He also told the ANI how it will help with the security in train compartments. “….it will help a lot in terms of security as CCTVs would be there in every train compartment and its live feed will go to the police station. The signaling system will work in a better manner through the WiFi facility. In the next four or four-and-a-half years we will start this facility,” the railway minister said.

The ambitious project according to the ministry will take around 5 years and big-budget approvals. The ministry though is keen on this and stated it’ll improve the quality of commute for travelers.

We honestly are super thrilled to hear the news and can’t wait to binge-watch all our favorite shows while traveling on the train.

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