Toyota Yaris: 4 million units produced in France

Toyota Yaris has achieved a milestone of 4 million units to be produced in France.

The French plant of Toyota, which is responsible for producing the Yaris, brought out of production the four millionth copy of the city car.

Toyota has just passed the milestone of four million produced copies of the model in the fourth generation of the Yaris. Assembled in the French factory of Onnaing, the Yaris has always represented a significant portion of Toyota’s revenues in Europe.

In 2019 alone, the third generation of the model sold 224,000 copies, just in Europe, accounting for 22% of Toyota’s turnover on the continent. That same year, the Yaris had an 8% market share in its segment, compared to just over 4% in 2001.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid has charming assets to appeal to a large number of customers which was launched a few months ago.

The change to the heat engine is almost imperceptible. However, as long as you don’t accelerate too hard because the continuously variable CVT gearbox tends to spin the engine high in revs. It happens due to too much pressure on the throttle.

It’s a matter of habit: to be efficient, the Yaris Hybrid requires relaxed driving. And quickly gets caught up in the eco-consumption game. The on-board computer a lot to improve the score and use as little gas as possible! Even better results can be achieved with experience, but the 3.8l / 100km announced by Toyota is pretty easy to achieve anyway.

Yaris Hybrid is the most efficient in town. It is the electric motor that works wonders, and it shows a lot of flexibility, which greatly facilitates starting. For the rest, it has the power to spare when it comes to overtaking, for example. And on the motorway, it is delightful because it is silent, which obviously changes me from diesel engine which is much noisier and which emits vibrations.

What we love about the Yaris is that it makes us want to ride relaxed, and the fact that there is no noise reinforces that feeling!