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There are attractions and activities that tourists enjoy, but find it difficult to capture those experiences in photographs. A few examples of such activities and places are paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving, river rafting, northern lights and amusement park. Here there is need of a professional photographer who can click good photos of such memorable experiences.

This is why, if you run a tourism business, you should know about

It is a platform that is intended to be used by the activity and tourism companies. It will assist you supervise and provide the photographs from your activities, attraction and excursion to your clients. You will be capable to select if you want to sell or make the photographs accessible for free (GIVE plan or SELL plan).

The tools and endless features of TourPhotos guarantees the tour companies, their photographers and their clients a customizable, user-friendly and a professional experience.

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Let me throw glimpse over the key features of TourPhotos:

  1. Incorporation with your sites– To root the new photo store in the website you will get a link.
  2. Calender page- There is a calendar page that will help your customers get the pictures easily.
  3. Customizable design– You can adjoin your logo, can switch the fonts and background color so that it fits the purpose of your website. Thus, TourPhotos provide you with the facility to customize your TourPhotos stores’S look&feel.
  4. Social feature– Photos can be apportioned along the social media and credit will go to the company. This will improve the Google ranking of the company as the company will get astonishing visibility.
  5. Unlimited cloud space- As there is unlimited space, unlimited photos can be downloaded and uploaded anytime and anywhere.
  6. High resolution photos– The resolution of the photos is extremely high.
  7. Price manager– This feature will serve to assign batch or single price to your photographers.
  8. Discount codes– On the basis of minimum items and maximum usage discount codes can be produced or handled
  9. Sort photos– Besides the calendar feature, TourPhotos facilitates sorting photos according to activities or excursions. This will assist the clients to get the photographs fast.
  10. Additional gallery creation feature- You can generate both public or password protected private supplementary galleries for example “best of”, “landscapes”, portraits etc.
  11. Generate individual logins for your employees- TourPhostos make it easy and possible to generate individual logins and profiles for the photographers and your employees. This will help them to upload the pictures they have taken, monitor sales rates, downloads and so forth.
  12. Employee incentives– To promote your employees or photographers you can assign incentives to them for their outstanding work with assistance of TourPhotos.
  13. Watermark protection– Your photographs are protected from being copied or downloaded without authorization.
  14. PDF sale reports- This feature will automatically produce the sale report to every employee and will create and send the receipts to your clients automatically. This will make accounting easy.
  15. Technical support– If you have any queries our professional staff is available 7/365 to provide you technical support.
  16. External commission- If you recognize somebody who needs TourPhotos and you bring new users you will fetch 5 percent charge on all their sales.

With so many distinctive qualities TourPhotos is sure to enhance your business. For details visit