Top 5 Horror Movies of the Last Decade

horror movies of decade

Horror is among the most popular genres nowadays. Even if purely horror movies rarely make it to the top spot of the box office, they are constantly there among the preferred ones of the audiences worldwide. Humanity, it seems, likes to be scared – this is maybe one of the strangest forms of entertainment we’ve ever come up with.

Horror is a popular genre not only in books and movies but in video games – even casual ones – too. Remember Plants vs. Zombies, the hit game from a few years ago? Well, it’s not the only casual game to feature the living dead. Lost Vegas, one of the latest slots games to hit the Royal Vegas Casino, takes its players on a trip to a zombie-ridden Sin City.

Alaxe in Zombieland is even darker – the game, released a few years ago, reimagines Wonderland as a zombie-infested wasteland, and Alice as a fearless zombie hunter. Horror movies often serve as an inspiration for slot machines: the Royal Vegas has several titles (like Hellboy, for example) that feature zombies, vampires, and other well-known movie monsters. To make things even better, you can play with them and win some of the Royal Vegas’ prizes in the process.

horror movies of decade

But let’s get back to business and look at the 5 top horror movies made in the last decade.

Rigor Mortis (2013) – IMDb 6.3

Those saying Hollywood is running out of fresh ideas seem to be right – US moviemaking seems to be caught in an endless loop of comic book movies and remakes. Luckily for us, there are still enough new movies to follow, and many of them are coming from Asia. Geung si (Rigor Mortis) is one of them.

In Rigor Mortis, we are taken on a trip to a Hong Kong public housing tower that’s home to more than just people – it has hosts of mystical creatures, like zombies, vampires, and ghosts – among its occupants. The movie mixes Japanese horror elements with Chinese folklore and a disturbing atmosphere.

Martyrs (2008) – IMDb 7.1

Written and directed by French filmmaker Pascal Laugier, Martyrs tells a story of abduction, torture, and revenge – all this surrounded by both brutal hyper-violence and an almost artistic, emotional story. The movie is a strong R for graphic violence, aberrant behavior, and torture.

Bedevilled (2010) – IMDb 7.3

Not all good movies come from Hollywood – and this is especially true for the horror genre. The best example would be Bedevilled, Chul-soo Jang’s 2010 drama / horror flick. The South Korean movie tells the story of Hae-won, a beautiful single woman in her thirties, who lives a beautiful and normal life until she becomes the witness of an attempted murder.

This, along with issues at work, forces her to take a vacation – she goes to the remote island of Moodo, only to find one of her old acquaintances being treated as garbage by everyone. The inhumane, sadistic treatment she is subjected is moving and horrifying at the same time, reminding viewers of the horrors of everyday life.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) – IMDb 7.6

A trip to a cabin in the woods – what could go wrong? Well, a lot of things apparently. Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a great horror comedy about two unsuspecting hillbillies planning to take some time off in the woods, along with a group of teens who think they are in-bred, chainsaw wielding maniacs. This film combines blood, gore, and laughs in a completely unique fashion, giving its viewers a fascinating and incredibly entertaining experience.

What We Do in the Shadows (2014) – IMDb 7.6

A mockumentary that follows the lives of Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav, three flatmates trying to make the most out of their everyday lives. They have all the time in the world since they are immortal – vampires, to be exact (if the name Vladislav wasn’t a dead giveaway). In “What We Do in the Shadows”, we get to take a look at the everyday life of a vampire which, aside from all the blood-drinking, is not as different from our own anyway.