Top 10 Most Popular Girls of Facebook

Which are the most popular girls on facebook? here are the ten most beautiful, popular and most liked celebrities that have made it to this list.

On the top of the chart we have Rihanna, she has become the most-read girlfriend on Facebook. Her page in social networks has collected more than 40.5 million Likes. Other than her let’s see whose pages has got most likes.

10th Place – Miley Cyrus 

American singer and actress on this page tells about the tour. And do not forget the loyal fans “laykat.” Total received more than 16,218,016.

9th Place – Selena Gomez

Actress and singer Selena Gomez, with nearly 23,748,405 “Likes”

Eighth place at the singer Taylor Swift

Fans gave her 25,195,275 Like

In seventh place – singer Avril Lavigne

Beyonce has settled in sixth place

Fifth place in the ex-star of Transformers – Megan Fox

Nearly 32 million fans like singer Katy Perry Page

Third place goes to Shakira

In second place is outrageous Lady Gaga

And the first place in Rihanna