Top 10 Android Phones of 2012

What to look for in mobile phones – A. Camera : Phones have become a fun, convenient alternative to dedicated cameras, especially with all the cool photo apps around. Five megapixel should be considered a minimum, while 8MP is becoming the norm.

B. Screen : Standard resolution is up to 8–x480 these days, but few top-end phones would be seen dead with any less than 1280×720. Bigger might seem better for screen size, but the small handed might want to try before they buy.

C. LTE : Short for ‘Long Term Evolution’. An LTE phone will work on EE’s 4G network in the US & UK. Eventually, speeds will hit around 12 Mbps.

here are the top 10 android phones at the end of 2012 ..

10. ZTE Grand X | from 200 | ztedevices.co.uk

ZTE’s big-screened bruiser is a mighty handset for a budget price, with a 4.3in, 960×540 display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a heart carved from the still-respectable Tegra 2 Processor. It’s not great for games but if you’re a film fan on a tight budget, this big-screened Android is your dream date.

9. Sony Xperia P | from $380 | sonymobile.com

The Xperia P is the middle sibling of Sony’s NXT series phones. But where does this leave it in the rankings? Sitting pretty on the benefits of both throne or perched awkwardly on the fence of indifference? The 4in, 960×540 screen is super crisp, helped by Sony’s classy OS skin. In fact, the P is a multimedia marvel. Photos are up there with smartphone luminaries, and movie – watching is an enjoyable experience. Mind you, there’s no SD card slot, so you’ll have to make do with the built in 16GB. Well-made, intelligent and easy on the eye, the Xperia P packs in high-end features at a budget-conscious price.

8. LG Optimus 4X HD | $650+ | lg.com

On contract, this Optimus smartie from LG can be found for a fair bit less per month than korean rival Samsung’s Galaxy S III, offering you big-budget power and pixel on a shoestring. Inside the 4X HD you’ll find a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 chip, which comfortably handled everything we could throw at it, including the most processor-hungry games Android can muster. That said, the battery life is so-so, about 7 hours. A beautiful screen quad-core power and quirky UI tweaks set this Android apart from the rest of the pack.

7. Motorola RAZRi | $560 (8GB) | motorola.com

It seems a long time since Motorola made a splash in the choppy smartphone waters. Will this water resistant 2GHz mobile prove to be more than a drop in the ocean? The latest model in Moto’s RAZR line has the highest clocked mobile chip to date and splash-proof body that melds aircraft-grade aluminium and woven Kevlar. It’s sleek ar just 8.3 mm thick, but still manages to squeeze in a 2000mAh battery and a 4.3in qHD screen running almost edge to edge. Top-notch build quality, snappy camera and intel power combine to help Motorola back into the smartphone party.

6. HTC One V | $400 | htc.com

Popping up like a spiritual successor to one of our old favourites the HTC Legend, this budget smartie manages to combine premium build with a budget price tag. Vibrant, solidly built and snapper-friendly, the HTC One V is one of the finest budget phones around.

5. Sony Xperia T | $650 | sonymobile.com

For its latest Bond phone, Sony has taken the Xperia S and made its successor truly worthy of 007. Parking slick looks with Sony’s own Android Tweaks, it’s worthy of any jet-spying, world – saving spy. A grown-up handset for movie buffs and Facebook fiends, the Xperia T offers a well-built, classy alternative.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note II | from $880 | samsung.com

The 5.55in-screened Note II blends the giant-friendly first Note and iPhone-slaying Galaxy S III into a beefed-up, S Pen-toting Jelly Bean device. But is it any good, and how silly do you look making calls on one? Big and beautiful, the Galaxy Note II is easy to love thanks to its huge screen, slick multitasking and S Pen extras.

3. HTC ONE X+ | $770 | htc.com

The impressive HTC One X has had its kinks and knots ironed out, returning with added grunt, speed and stamina. So is it now special enough to replace the Samsung Galaxy S III as top Android? With more power, space and battery life than the One X, the One X+ improves on an already brilliant phone.

2. Google Nexus 4 | $455 (16GB) | google.com/nexus

Nexus has really come into its own in 2012. The nexus 7 tablet is the iPad’s only real contender. And with the better than retina Nexus 10 slate as the Nexus 4’s launch buddy, is this Google’s gadget Holy Trinity? Forgive a few flaws and Google’s Nexus 4 flagship smartphone will give you the best of Android on the cheap.

1. Samsung Galaxy S III | from $840 | samsung.com

Like Muhammad Ali at the height of his powers, the Galaxy S III wants to dazzle you with variety and charisma. If the Galaxy S II put other smartphone on the ropes, the S III is looking for a knockout punch..