Tom Cruise : ‘Terminator’ type Robots to Increase Security

On the set of Tom Cruise, we will not mess with the covid rules. The actor and producer reportedly spent a “huge sum” to purchase two robots to ensure health safety protocols are followed throughout the filming of “Mission Impossible.” Filming for “Mission Impossible 7” resumed in the on-going week in the UK.

Producer and star of the film, Tom Cruise has made it a point of ensuring that everything takes place with the strictest respect for sanitary rules on set.

“Tom wants to make sure the shoot is not interrupted. He takes it so seriously that he fell in love with the robots because he can’t be everywhere at the same time to ensure people are behaving well,” a source from the shoot told The Sun.

Therefore, the superstar has spent “a huge sum” to acquire two high-tech robots that will ensure compliance with health protocols on the filming location. He also planned a spot-testing strategy for the whole team.

“Of course he is paid very well to make these films. But he also measures how lucky he is to be able to work,” the source continues. “The whole team is counting on this film to be able to move forward. You don’t have to look far to see how the pandemic has affected jobs. Robots are really sophisticated and quite intimidating. It’s kind of ‘Terminator’, but less violent,” the source added.

A few months ago, audio leaked where we could hear how Cruise Tom scolded the Mission Impossible Seven production team for not following safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Now, it looks like the actor has taken these protocols to the next level.

According to The Sun, Cruise bought a few robots to test for COVID on the film set. It’s unclear what kind of robots these are, but a source close to production says they’re quite sophisticated and a little intimidating.