Threads, the rival of Twitter by Instagram, is anticipated to be released on July 6

Threads, the rival of Twitter by Instagram

Threads, the rumored competitor to Twitter developed by Instagram, has been released on the iOS App Store in the United States. The app, expected to launch on July 6 according to App Store data, allows users to seamlessly transfer their Instagram followers and following lists to the Threads platform, giving them an existing community from the start.

Described as a space for communities to gather and discuss various topics, Threads aims to connect users with their favorite creators and like-minded individuals. The app functions as a standalone platform but maintains close ties with Instagram. Users can engage with posts by liking, commenting, reposting, and sharing. Additionally, the app allows users to customize their post’s reply audience, choosing between everyone, people they follow, or only those mentioned in the post.

While rumors and leaks surrounding Threads have been circulating for months, the announcement of its release aligns with the information provided in the leaked slides and descriptions on the App Store. The term “decentralized” has been associated with Threads, particularly in relation to its compatibility with Mastodon, a decentralized network using ActivityPub. However, this aspect contradicts Instagram’s centralized nature, leaving room for clarification.

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has had mixed success with its previous side apps. Sunsetted products include the anonymous teen app tbh, the Cameo-like app Super, Nextdoor clone Neighborhoods, the couples app Tuned, the student-focused social network Campus, and the video dating service Sparked. Nonetheless, Threads enters the market at an opportune time, capitalizing on Twitter’s recent difficulties. The ultimate adoption of Threads will be determined by consumers and their willingness to embrace yet another aspect of their social media experience under Meta’s control.