This man ‘accidentally’ bought 28 Tesla cars for 1.4mn Euros

A German man accidentally bought 28 Tesla Model 3 vehicles online amounting to 1.4 million Euros after a glitch on companys website.

The person known as ‘Ballon-Man’ at online discussion forum Reddit wrote about how he and his father accidentally placed an order for 27 Model 3s instead of just one.

The family placed an order for a new Model 3 equipped with Autopilot, but something did not go right with the Tesla website.

After clicking ‘submit,’ the website responded the order could not be placed because of a payment issue even though they filled in payment details correctly.

The user’s father clicked “Confirm” once again only to have the same result. This went on for about two hours.

Eventually the website responded and ‘Confirmed’ the order – all 28 of them, taking the total billing amount to 1.4 million Euros and given that each vehicle has a non-refundable charge of 100 Euro, that amount summed up to 2,800 Euros.

However, after a phone call, Tesla understood the situation and cancelled the entire order without charge and were instructed to simply place a new order.