The Top 10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2012

MechWarrior online

Every year we write what is to be expected in this year in the games arena and we are doing it once again. The games in the list below are based on a survey conducted in US on purchase intended this year in 2012.

So, let’s see what the list has got for you, if we have missed any of yours favorites, do let us know via comments and we will definitely do something about it. Plus this time we have three bonus games in the end which can’t be ignored as well.

1. Aliens: colonial marines
Ready to scream humiliating Bill Paxton quotes with the utmost sincerity? Gearbox is taking you back to the ravaged LV-426 colony on a search for Ellen Ripley. Release on March 31.

Aliens colonial marines

2. Prototype 2
Ever wonder what Spider-Man would look like if he slung guts and intestines instead of webs? Wonder no more! Toss out crimson tendrils to posses enemies and brutalize bigger baddies. Release on April 24.

Prototype 2

3. Dota 2
The ancients have been well defended in beta stages for some time. So don’t be surprised if Value’s follow-up to the game that started MOBA mania drops sooner rather than later. Release on early 2012.

Dota 2

4. Spec ops: The line
The line: Johnny cash walked it and you can too when the spec ops series return to the PC. Set in Dubai, your toughest obstacle will be randomly generated sandstorms. Release on April 30.

Spec ops The line

5. MechWarrior online
Battlemechs make their triumphant return and even better, it won’t cost a thing to play. Nothing can prepare you for this onslaught (except may be watching Robot Jox). Release on summer 2012.

MechWarrior online

6. South Park: the game
From the dev behind Dungeon Siege III and Fallout: New Vegas comes… Lemmiwinks?! Yep. Obsidian’s working with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on a South park RPG. Release on Q2 2012.

South Park the game

7. Counter- Strike: Global Offensive
The world’s most refined multiplayer FPS is getting yet another upgrade. Gripe all ya want, at least classic maps, such as Aztec and Dust, have never looked better. Release on Q2 2012.

Counter- Strike Global Offensive

8. Brothers in arms: Furious 4
Take left 4 Dead’s co- op, add a dash of TF2 character design, then remind us how awesome Inglourious Basterds is and – Bang- brothers in arms: furious 4. Release on Q2 2012.

Brothers in arms Furious 4

9. Diablo III
Who knows when this free pack- in with your annual Wow pass will appear in full? Regardless, you’d be wise to invest in a new mouse- your life is about to get 3000 percent clickier. Release on TBD 2012.

Diablo III

10. Bioshock infinite
Sweet Rapture! A place where people travel by roller coaster and heroes run from giant mechanical birds and manipulate ripples in space-time? We can’t wait to take to the skies of Columbia. Release on 2012.

Bioshock infinite

Bonus 1 – Planetside 2
With almost a decade’s worth of lesson learned. Sony online entertainment is heading back to its sprawling MMOFPS with better balancing and modern free-to-play model. Release on 2012.

Planetside 2

Bonus 2 – Command & Conquer Generals 2
A BioWare- developed C&C game?! Sounds like an interesting mix. We’ve always wanted to control a tank using dialog trees. First one to romance China wins! Release on 2013.

Command & Conquer Generals 2

Bonus 3 – Far Cry 3кредит под рефинансирование
Far cry 3 is rapidly rising through the ranks of 2012’s must-play titles. Unfortunately. We’ve seen neither hide nor hair of the game since it was unveiled at last year’s E3. We’re antsy to get back to the jungle too, but as long as the game doesn’t launch with the same save- corrupting, character-vanishing issues in Far Cry 2, we’re more than willing to wait.

Far Cry 3