The FBI is conducting an investigation into a ransomware attack that has severely impacted hospitals in four different states

FBI is conducting an investigation into a ransomware attack

A major healthcare network, Prospect Medical Holdings, which operates hospitals in multiple states, is facing widespread network disruptions due to a confirmed ransomware cyberattack. The FBI is actively investigating the incident, but specific details are limited due to the ongoing nature of the investigation. No ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The hospital network has experienced operational disruptions, forcing some facilities to divert patients and halt certain medical services. Local news outlets in California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island have reported on the impacted hospitals, and the FBI is collaborating directly with them to respond to the situation.

Prospect Medical Holdings acknowledged the data security incident and took its systems offline to safeguard them. The hospital network is working with cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident and prioritize patient needs to restore normal operations promptly.

This ransomware attack on Prospect Medical Holdings is part of a concerning trend of similar attacks on healthcare systems in recent years. It mirrors incidents that have affected other healthcare organizations, like CommonSpirit Health, leading to widespread outages and closures across multiple states.

Senator Rick Scott of Florida has called on the FBI to investigate data theft during these attacks and take measures to protect U.S. hospitals from cyber threats. The Department of Health and Human Services has released dedicated guides to address the growing threat of ransomware gangs targeting healthcare facilities.

Given the severity of the situation and its impact on patient care, cybersecurity agencies are actively involved in coordinating efforts with federal and private sector partners to address the cyber threat to critical infrastructure in the nation.